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  1. for me works US and EU Server
  2. I do not think that anyone cares about the admins, but ....
  3. Lately, I've also often noticed problems logging in
  4. after almost 5 min in the selection it went, thanks
  5. not for me , on both server
  6. does not work for me, it comes directly the disconnect message
  7. Server down again?
  8. Please don't create a new 'server down' topics
  9. what a moderating team, when were the last in the forum?
  10. this is from last year
  11. that's true, on the weekend they sleep deeper
  12. once! How many times not?
  13. one thing they did, the forum is well visited since then
  14. is nothing new, you've known it for a few years, and every day the marmot greets...
  15. a very good question. And it is Beta too?
  16. you made a lot out of your block
  17. thanks to all bulilder, who make their partly unbelievable creative worlds (wherever) available to others
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