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Poor little Pierrousss... That’s not because you don’t know how to build that’s the case for everyone here...



From who you stolen it this time ? that is the question.


Could we keep this kind of stuff out of the thread please? its about showing off awesome creations, not accusations and what not.


Thanks in advance

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Because, I had time to waste (and because I wanted a nice room for my friend), I continued with the idea of Stargate (after the big university theme, that is quite refreshing ^^)... :wub:


Here is the WIP room I am making with Stargate as main theme:





The room will be opened very soon when finished. Maybe with some nice electro music. ;)


Was toying with the Stargate Atlantis Idea too but you beat me to it. Really nicely done.Will you share it? I am a huge SG-A Fan


And gawd that Pegasus Gate is amazing!

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