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  1. I have 2 computers 1 slow one and one fast one. Oddly the slow one installed quickly whereas the fast one hung so long I killed the patch and tried again finally it started but I saw no progress for like 5 minutes or more. Check in the games 3dx folder you should see stuff is downloading there while it appears to do nothing
  2. Sad but true. I picked up an old game when the last stability problems happened. This weekend, I just told my RP partners there I would be going on hiatus there Apparently a bad move :/
  3. Agree with chloe , at least give us a few mins to reconnect before kicking out all the guests and closing it .
  4. Im sure its not technically a bug but a WAD. But really annoying especially if I am on a stripper pole and then walk off it accidentally by trying to click a chat window, and look back and someone else took the pole
  5. Not sure if offline messages are a thing anymore. Also I heard the profiles would be blanked potentially so stupid me i saved when i opened profile to get the edit buffer so now I'm bugged profile too.
  6. Odd, I think I have most or all of my xgold. Maybe your new spouse took your xgold?
  7. My goodness, you were quick to go test Bob. Shameless (glad someone else posted it first now i dont have to feel guilty lol )
  8. Im guessing the gallery pictures issue is related to the profile as the pictures are probably indexed by the profile in some fashion. But i trust gizmo will have a fix..
  9. I also cannot read other player's profiles. And I have already exited and reloaded
  10. a lot of people have same problem with the profile , including me. Also is it supposed to reset our xgold credits back to 0 days login?
  11. Hopefully the water level doesn't rise and flood my underground areas again
  12. Will there be a client-side patch to download as well, and if so, how large?
  13. Getting the radio to play the stream might be challenging
  14. Good luck hope the sever is up
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