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When you would have 3 wishes left for the game which ones would it be?


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My favs are:

  1. Improvement of character editor (Add all possible to the material system and have different save files for character and clothes)
  2. Chat improvements like DND mode
  3. Remove the damn auto undress


  • Every opinion is welcome, the more, the better
  • Think twice and only mention three things you think they have most priority
  • Repeat already said wishes when you think it's also your fav (This is not a suggestion collection, it really means "your three personal favs" 🙂)
  • Try to keep yourself short. When you feel the need to explain it in detail i would recommend a link to a concept
  • When you disagree suggestions of others, it would be awesome to keep it out of this topic and discuss it in a related one

Idea is to have a "clean and proper" topic just filled with most wanted wishes what maybe gives devs a slight support.

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1: more "classy" or " fancy" choices on clothes ... at least give us some choices to be less sexy or nudity

2: proper ways to spend xgolds other than buying beer or colourful ID

3: a TV or some streaming system like such? we already offending some of the copyrights ain't it? so why don't we go deeper as long as nobody cares? It's all " players's act" after all

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You did say wishes...


1) Want totes control of MY apparel & accessories. WHAT we wear, HOW we layer it and WHEN we decide to take it off... NOT auto undress.

2) Actions within poses. Similar to Achat; ability to kiss, hug, caress, spank, stroke, finger, ect... a partner while engaged in each pose. 

3) Cock hardness slider, my oral aptitude deserves the satisfaction of turning something flaccid into throbbing hardness. Please stop depriving me of this. 


Room Search would have topped this list... but Giz n Co recently added it.  Proving wishes do happen. THANK YOU, Luvs it

TY to the OP for the opportunity, and the many good suggestions.


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- Soft/Hard toggles or slider for Men, I don't walk around with a hard-on 24/7
- Condoms with used condom visibility
- Detailed character sex/kink compatibility questionaire and profiles, with a colour-coded ranking detailing your compatibility, and an auto-accept/decline toggle based on your compatibility results for non-con or spontaneous sex. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

1 - Not have to be forced to any player to grab me and kiss or hug, that would be good to have an option in which they would have to ask first and then you accept, or not.

2 - Males when not in use of their genitalia, have it flacid, so annoying to see them with a constant erection, perhaps more people agree with this.

3 - More cum layers, ass, legs, the whole body would be awesome, and not cleaning when they cum on other parts, let us enjoy it fully :)

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I would be very happy with a new extra pose made for single women who can masturbate independently and alone in a detached position.

To date, it is only possible for women to masturbate only while kneeling.

The position to masturbate in the standing erect position has been around for men for a long time already and it makes me jealous.



Estaría muy feliz con una nueva pose adicional hecha para mujeres solteras que pueden masturbarse de forma independiente y sola en una posición separada.

Hasta la fecha, solo es posible que las mujeres se masturben solo de rodillas.

La posición para masturbarse en la posición erguida de pie ha existido para los hombres durante mucho tiempo y me da celos.


Ich würde mich sehr über eine neue zusätzliche Pose für alleinstehende Frauen freuen, die unabhängig und alleine in einer losgelösten Position masturbieren können.

Bisher ist es Frauen nur möglich, nur kniend zu masturbieren.

Die Position, im Stehen zu masturbieren, gibt es für Männer schon seit langem und sie macht mich neidisch.

standing pose.png

stand mastu.png

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I'm rather new in the game and maybe such expectation have already been expressed, but I think it would be nice if my partner had the possibility to undress me, of course if I authorise him to do so with a special button

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And as it has been already mentioned, it would be nice if male partners could control their erection (not have a permanent erection once they have taken off their boxers)

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