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  1. I'm not Gizmo, but I can still tell you that each bug can be completely different and the time it takes to fix can also vary greatly. Some fixes are done in maybe an hour, others take hours, some really critical fixes maybe take days or so much time that you have to think twice about whether or not it's even worth the time to fix them (depends on the importance level). Fixing bugs can also introduce a lot of new bugs in worst case. That bugs aren't fixed while the beta is running doesn't mean they won't be fixed until final version goes live. The whole patching process can be complicated and introduce new problems and is time-consuming. Because of this, many companies prefer one major update instead of a few small ones, especially developer studios that don't have many employees.
  2. One thing is for sure: You don't lack creativity. It would just be interesting to know if throwing things is really synchronized correctly or if it looks different for everyone.
  3. New poses will be added upon release as mentioned in the dev blog.
  4. I agree, but money isn't everything. It's more or less just a kind of tool that allows companies to expand. Just because you have money doesn't mean that makes sure you have a team what can work well and very productive together, but it highers possibilities massively. So let's hope they can grow and have the best value out of it.
  5. @Gizmo Nice to read another blog post and that the engine update is complete! I especially like the new clothes that work with the material system. This was something I was hoping for. Well done! I don't want to bother you as I can imagine you are quite busy, but there is a question I have had for a long time and I would appreciate it if you could take the time to answer it: Are there any plans for a feature that will prevent automatic undressing at the start of poses and actually allow people to decide what stays dressed and what doesn't in any type of animation? I think that is something a lot of people would make happy. Thank you for taking the time to read and have a great weekend!
  6. That was the one. I don't wanna know how many law processes are running just because of such things. Thing in 3DX is that it seems not even against the terms of rules at least i did not find anything so there is not even a risk getting punished for stealing other ones work and flag it as their own.
  7. Absolutely. But that's a general creator problem and happens very often also in music/ film/ gaming industry that people claim other work as theirs. Pretty sad. I don't remember* which game it was but there was a game which was removed from steam because of stolen work and it was pretty popular in the recent past. Added: I think the biggest issue is that it get not punished in 3DX in any way at least i never heard a case which got punished. Also when things were encypted i think it would still be possible to steal it anyhow but yeah it would be much harder.
  8. I have full understanding for such kinds of situations and also that people are angry or more when something like that happens, but I don't think that such a problem with a certain person should getting treated in any way in a public forum like this.
  9. Wtf. I mean what will come they announced, so that will come for sure. But the thing we need to hope are the additional things. Adding more stuff to material system they considered as goal in past already. Just when it comes is the question. The big "when" question is the thing people love to know and at its best yesterday already.
  10. It confuses because they don't communicate and do half things regarding to community communication. Only they do know what's going on. That's why i said: It does not make much sense to say "we wanna communicate more with community" but don't give news about the status for months. Added: That only leads into more confusion and distrust. That's why a lot of tiny companies do not offer something like a roadmap or devblog, because that only has positive effect when you communicate consistent with the community.
  11. I wouldn't wonder if they started to update the unity engine a way earlier because "i heared" it's a damn tricky thing and does cause headache all the time. I have really understanding for it but i just wished they simply would communicate more about the state. I really hope they also add most as possible to the material system. Especically dresses and tights. That they have trouble with something is not hard to realize but a life sign would be great.
  12. Well, the dev blog itself is fine when every couple of month comes something what's worth talking about and which features are in focus. But when it get said that it's a goal to communicate more with community and there are no real progression notes about the state that not really makes much sense. I am not mad or anything but that's the thing with "communication with community". Do it consistent or let it be. A thing between just cause distrust.
  13. As far as is remember there was something said like they wanted to release a build in march? Hope it was not meant next year. Also when i am the opinion it is sometimes not that easy and that some things can make trouble and cause a delay, a short status update hows going would be nice nevertheless.
  14. Not sure if that still works or not because the post is pretty old but maybe it still does.
  15. Not sure if engine update also means access to RTX based features and do allow devs to implement it into the game, but if it is possible it would be cool having more options using mirror effects.
  16. I think it is very tricky to do in a way that's useful without exhausting every system. Also mirrors in world editor seems to be tricky. Probably you could only allow one mirror because when you would allow multiple ones it would end in an infinite loop of calculating what simply would crash the game "i guess".
  17. Every mirror system has downsites. Some are easy to do but at costs of performance. Others are not that performance consuming, but need a lot of work making them run. At least when i can believe this video here :).
  18. You also can hold middle mouse button to adjust height.
  19. That is what i also had in mind as i started to go through this topic. In general it would fix the problem quite easy but i am just not sure if it does work out like it should. An "UUID" would make it possible, that a lot of people can have the same name displayed in public rooms, what in worst case could be abused by people for harming reasons, which wanna fake avatars of others and make them feel unconfortable. Maybe i think too far and give this factor too much weight, because people will be able to find that out pretty easy, just by comparing the UUID's, but i thought i throw this thought in. Besides, a lot of people seem to love having unique names, and i am not sure if that would destroy something for them.
  20. The reset back to normal speed after changing pose looks and feels pretty unrealistic most of the time. I think, it would be much better, when the upcoming pose remembers the previous setting as you change the pose.
  21. Not able to open the game right now, but from what i have noticed it raised a lot. I also was curious last week and just for fun i did a calculation and counted over 1000 (1134 when i remember right) people at once in all public rooms together. Besides, you never know how many people are just in lobby or in a private room. I think the chance is pretty high to meet new people every day.
  22. As long as they don't forget about it and still wanna implement it i'm okay. I mean, c'mon, it's obvious that most wanna have it. I think it is so obvious, that most don't even wanna mention it anymore. I hope they can say something about it in next dev blog. Would be awsome.
  23. Well, the words were "we will make clothes stay during sex in the upcoming patch". For me at least that sounds more than clear what's ment and hard to throw out of context. My guess: Something technically did not went like intended and it was not that easy to realise than thought first.
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