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  1. "When" i learned something about developing it is that things are mostly harder than expected. Maybe devs see also use of it and help you out with missing informations in a pm chat to make it a bit easier for you when they have time to share. Would be a smart move imo. Thanks for having a look on it and tried to find a solution!
  2. A color picker i wanted since so long. That's cool to see and when i have motivation to edit again it will have use for sure Thanks for another cool feature! What i do ask myself since a while is, if there would be also a way to do different save files for character and clothes. Or that you can at least copy your outfit and paste it at a current save file. Something like that. I was just a bit scared because i feared that is very much work and can cause really heavy bugs like maybe infinite loading when i read all this "im stuck in loading screen" things in forum. But when it's easy maybe it's something what interests you also so i bring it on the table :). Maybe like this: One feature only reads out character information, the other one only reads out cloth information, and the third feature does merge feature one and two. Hope you understand what i wanna say@Halderim When that is easy to do i think tons of people would freak out in love. And maybe @Gizmo would be also thankful so they can develop something different instead "when" thats something on their to do list already. Would be just sad when it's possible and they suddenly bring out also such a feature and then that was waste of developing time on both ends. Howsoever, it's really cool to see how that site grows :). Thanks again and have a good day!
  3. Hi, Buying game time via paysafecard is also not an option? https://3dxchat.com/support/#paypal https://3dxchat.com/support/#gametime
  4. My favs are: Improvement of character editor (Add all possible to the material system and have different save files for character and clothes) Chat improvements like DND mode Remove the damn auto undress Added: Every opinion is welcome, the more, the better Think twice and only mention three things you think they have most priority Repeat already said wishes when you think it's also your fav (This is not a suggestion collection, it really means "your three personal favs" ) Try to keep yourself short. When you feel the need to explain it in detail i would recommend a link to a concept When you disagree suggestions of others, it would be awesome to keep it out of this topic and discuss it in a related one Idea is to have a "clean and proper" topic just filled with most wanted wishes what maybe gives devs a slight support.
  5. That's true. Maybe you do a thread combined with a poll of the most things you wanna see 2023. I at least would be curious what the most would love to see even that i probably already can guess.
  6. I thought a while now about this but beside the "I wanna keep my friend list proper" thing there is nothing what would make sense. Only people who loves to cheat, stalk or "control freaks" would have real profit of it. Free playground for stalker and control freaks where they can drive crazy.... And well. The only thing what would happen with cheaters and liars is...that they have something where they can laugh about. Because a timestamp does change literaly nothing. Only thing what will happen is that they try not to die by laughting when they hear about that feature. After it they just create another avi/ account. 100% against it because does cause more trouble than use. PS: And by the way it would give cheaters and liars the possibility to say "Hey i was not online" even they were. because they just log in with another character. So at the end it would also support them...
  7. Or which are not here to explain themself and don't wanna feel stalked... I also could say "only people who love to stalk would like this idea" but to argue like that would be full nonsense, too. A friend list you don't sort by last login, you sort it by relation strongness/ grade but maybe i am too oldschool. There this thread was made with the thought behind for a better friend list filtering i would more suggest personal notes on profiles so you can add details on it for a better remember. Or you can give people personal nicknames.
  8. Most likely. More than constructive feedback/ opinions and suggestions we sadly can't offer. Sadly i know that things sometimes are not that easy realisable than most would think. Also when it looks very easy from outside it has mostly couples of reasons which you can't consider as "too lazy" or "they ignore our ideas fully". Nevertheless i think it's doable just takes maybe a way longer what doesn't matter at the end for me at least because this things would make the game much better than anything else they could add. They would be full idiots when they not even thought about realising all this what is hard to believe :). I just don't hope the reason is " It would not look professional" then i drive crazy because that's a waste of thinking.
  9. Hello wanted to try it out but all what happens when i wanna upload is: 500 Server Error
  10. I think the most would be happy when they could use the material system on everything existing before new stuff comes. And also that people have the full force to decide what stays weared and what not while animations. The BDSM things and skirts listed in Bottom Wear are nearly useless because they auto undress. I love the idea of additional accessories very much (bags, headphones...) but all this is nearly unusable because not removable in room. Please do more quality of life changes like you did with the recent released search bar for rooms before spending the most resources into other things. Would make me happy much more at least instead of any new slider, pose, or cosmetic itself. And the separate avi/clothes save thing is so needed. The whole edit possibilities are so cool but more pain as useful at the end. Not attractive to use and scares more away like it is currently because you waste disgusting much time with customizing when you always have to start from fresh because you can't use presets. Make already existing features better to handle and less frustrating/ more enjoyable! You have good stuff in already but it could be ten times better when this things would get some more love.
  11. I don't know how to avoid this but the best is to always save the project before quitting the game or leaving editor. And better save more than to less. I save like every 5 minutes. Would be cool when there would be an auto save feature by the way which creates everytime a new file after a certain amount of minutes. Would make life very easy. Nearly every edit software has this because sometimes crashes can appear and this avoids a massiv progression loss.
  12. I think the best way is to report people where you think ignore doesn*t help. There is an ingame function where you can do that. Don't think you can do very much beside that but when support sees that is a ban reason they will do it. Maybe that helps. Me at least would report it. Added: oops, was sloppy in reading and didn't see you already did. Well that sucks but nevertheless i would report it everytime again. They should do more against this or ban at least faster. Only thing what i can recommend is simply not to answer when you know its the same person which is hard. Maybe they bring a chat function in future where people have a whitelist which they can turn on for a while when you have a feeling someone stalks you. so you can activate the whitelist and only get messages from people you know. Most important thing you have is own privacy and on a sex plattform it should be written huge to save it. I do understand a lot when it comes to developing but this point i don't get that after 10 years which the game exist they don't gave more tools to avoid unwanted conversations.
  13. Gizmo explained that in that topic but also said "carefully" that they "maybe" bring that multiple layer thing as feature. Hope they do. But i read it quite often in last time that avis get corrupted. Started after face morpher release. Maybe it appears also when you load old avi files which were made before this feature was patched when the file has a specific constellation. Maybe some have bad luck and don't played for a while, log in and have such a config loaded which messes up the thing. IDK, Just a guess. Or you load an old file, modify it and that is the troublemaker. Would make sense to me at least. When i would have this problem and i would know i have loaded and modified something i would send this file also to the support so they have something to analyze.
  14. I do like moving with the mouse but wherever you wanna move mostly you activate something and that is . A "move only mode" by pressing a button would be awesome... Hope that's easy and fast to deliver and will come soon. Added: Or a checkbox on UI where you can turn it on/off.
  15. So that are 25 poses which you don't consider as "shit" per year, that are still 2 per month. Still multiple times more than you mentioned first. That is still very good. You would know that when you would create 3D game animations or would have knowledge in this sector or game design itself. I am glad that devs not only bring content for a certain group of players and try to give everybody anything also bi and trans also when i am personally not into that. Devs would bring more updates in short time when it would make sense but when you waste more time with fixes than with developing content at the end it isn't worth because the more gets patched the more issues they have to eliminate. I also don't think they had someone hired to create poses before 2022 so they bought them on order which is more expensive/ complicated on long time what seem to change now because they suddenly bring much more poses. (Just a guess) But that idea is great and i hope they are able to add this
  16. Damn, that's sorry to hear. Exactly that i wanted to avoid. Hope you can send all back without having any troubles and you get your money back easy. Maybe this experiment has at least something good for people which wanna buy a similar system in future to see if it's worth or not. Thanks for sharing the end result. @GizmoMaybe it would be good that you would make a slight list which hardware requirement are recommended for which settings so people can better search for their wish system and don't need to guess. I mean https://3dxchat.com/support/#system exists but that literaly says nothing when it comes to system building. Nothing is more frusttrating when you think you find something good and get disappointed.
  17. 2022 they brought over "50" poses. That are 4 poses a month. That is absolutely okay. Designing poses is not easy at all. Devs did very well on that part on the game. Still much left and hope they keep going but to say they brought nothing is .
  18. Sadly no clue, never had a ticket.
  19. A better way to deal with groups would be so nice... Hope they do add something good but i have hard doubts sadly that something will come. But hope dies last.
  20. @torOh okay. No need to sorry :). Was just curious "if" you solved it and if yes, how :). Did you tried VPN, too? I also had a good connection and suddenly needed VPN for a while, but not anymore. Still no clue why. @Casseyno i am not but @CatKatWsuggested it very often and was always right. And the thing with the reason of corrupted avatars explained Gizmo (Dev) in a post here: So i only combined informations, nothing more :).
  21. Did it work like expected? I guess you found a solution but i am nevertheless curious because you wanted to give feedback :).
  22. Infinite loading screen? I saw that quite often in the last months and it was always an account related thing. Something is corrupted and needs a reset what the support has to do. I have read that the reason of it probably seems to be that some users use manipulated files to modify their avatar or the game itself in a way what is normaly not possible. Not saying that you manipulated something but maybe you should reinstall your game nevertheless and wait for ticket response. Not sure if @tor's problem is solved but there is no activity anymore i guess it as a yes.
  23. Would use this stuff sometimes but i never do because not removable. Only things i feel to wear are rings and earrings. The other things are more hindreds than useful what is an huge waste of potential and really sad . Skirts are not allowed while sex but a weirdo bag which glitches every second pose is fully fine and has to stay no matter what! Love your humor, devs!
  24. I do like that we can customize character and outfits more and more but the more it become the more the devs should prioritize this feature in my opinion. Frustrating when you do little changes on your avi and the whole outfits are not useable anymore. I at least loves all the features but i stopped to do new outfits cause i don't wanna spend hours with copying my already created combinations by guessing just because i wanna change a tiny thing. It's very demotivating and holds me back hard. Would be also very time saving and enjoying when people could share their outfits with each other especially for beginners which wanna test the game fast and not spend hours in avi editor. A new way of community content sharing would be born what is always nice and gives the game a fresh touch and highers the quality itself massively. When i would be a dev i would give it high priority before doing any new sliders or other customizations also when developing time is maybe increased because of the already existing possibilities. I have no doubts that the devs have it on their roadmap already but maybe in wrong order. Maybe it's easier to implement at the end after all things are developed which devs wanna add but when this takes another 1-2 years until this feature will come it will be way too late imo. Added: And can you please add to the material system that people can see which material they have selected? Highlight it with a green border or something.
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