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  1. hi res textures on the avis probably would take more time, and yeah, probably that would increase the resourses used by the computer. I suggested that as nails already have a plain color layer, like the old clothes.
  2. It's something silly, but It would be awesome to have in the nails something similar to the costumes. Added to the actual plain textures, be able to add some patterns to the nails. making them even look different? Stuff like this...?
  3. I guess, this to work properly, the clothes should be having an extra option for sex with clothes. Like... pant a bit down, or zippers open... or not to remove skirts, or move a bit aside the underwear.
  4. Sounds like the local chat box would be having a lot of spam text if used when someone enter and exits the room. Thinking on the ppl moving for around 2 hours, and the room is about 50+ ppl all the time
  5. Yeah. Seems that the bug happens when you invite to slowdance a girl using idle #5 If you have other idle and she invites you the slowdance, it works fine. Even if she's using idle #5
  6. I think you can ignore them? just enter their profile and there is the ignore option, same as to befriend them? Correct me if I'm wrong
  7. Beer is free, since long time ago. you just read the text, but when u pick one no xgolds are spent.
  8. With all my sincere respect, Dumbest idea ever. This game is not a delivery app. Rating it bad if it reaches 1hrs late with your fries cold, or good if in time with crispy ones. Your experience with a person isn't the same, than the one he/she could have with someone else. Everyone has friends & enemies. Even Hitler had friends With that kind of mind set, be thankfull someone wanted to have some time with you. What kind of score you believe you would have after a month? how many rooms would you be excluded from? Imagine the possibilites! PD: To make it easy, if you dislike someone, the devs put in the game a button named "ignore" in the options. Check it, It works!
  9. I have some issues since the last update. when I use a FF slowdance, both avatars end watching the same way overlayed. I'm wondering if that also happened to someone in some pose other? It's kinda annoying having that bug.
  10. maybe just like a feature? like... adding on the slowdance looking each other or kissing, a button to move the hand for a spank/grope? something like a moan button, but instead of moving the face, moves the hand? Sounds interesting. And a lot of work, like a new option for many poses.
  11. The penis thing I'd say has the same issue than the reason there are almost no boob poses. Poses will break and look odd if changing sizes, as almost EVERY pose is made to FIT in the now standard penis size. It would be a job of making a new animation for every single pose to fit for every size proposed. lets say, 5 different sizes , how many possibilities would be, 60 poses, 90, 150, way more?, remember you have to make combinations that can have a different cock size, each person. MM, FF, MF, FMF, MFM, FFF, MMM. Sounds like a mountain of work.
  12. You can roleplay that. I think, what makes this idea imposible, is the breast size scroll bar. If too small u will be sucking the air, if too big, ur head will be glitchy swallowed into the tit.
  13. The trails and the sticks are not "xgold". Just an accesory found in the last option of the editor, hand section. And yeah. Those accesories, wings, tails, and some other stuff only can be removed in the editor.
  14. So people is saying that in the old avatar files are the new bras and clothes already edited? Really? I understand the caps, those are un the game since forever, but the new stuff? Hard to believe that.
  15. There are many ppl making the combinations... would be great if devs allow eveyone to do those combinations not needing to use glitches or modified saved avatars from 500 years ago.
  16. oh god, please. It's so annoying to be runing everywhere bcz 2 clics. at least having the option to turn on/off that feature?
  17. it would be great to be able to combine some clothing not needing to do reverse engineering on the files... I also saw some of the panties showing with the skirt. And to be able to tint the old caps and hats... add a long etc.
  18. It was free. Since long time ago. No charge of 35xgolds to get the bottle
  19. Yeah. The fixes broke the "no names" rooms. This sounds like a good alternative.
  20. I just wasted 40k xgolds trying to fix my name because of the new font style, no reason to think on making it shiny for $15 hehe
  21. Yeah. seems like the capital i was a "bug" they fixed in the new patch. Also when trying to change your name there isnt too much to add, no spaces or symbols. Too bad, that sucks.
  22. Eh, yes. +1, I agree It doesn't sound like a good suggestion. I believe you just had some bad experience, sorry for that. But ID verification? to not have your pride hurt? no
  23. This looks nice. and easy to make. you just need one object, and some textures- Think of the flag as a white surface, and the flag just a texture to change.
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