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  1. We are working on 2 updates: The first update is something I really can't tell at the moment because it's a cooperation with other company. We're doing something cool that gives players a unique new experience. The second update is about character and clothing customization. But these are not just new clothes. This is something more
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  2. We want to release the first big update in about a month.
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  3. Maxx


    Stop spamming World Editor. Make a single thread like everyone else.
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  7. JackPine

    Beautiful Women Images

    Hammock time? I love hammock time~
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  8. Xizi


    @Lexxxxi What a bullshit lol. You made some idiotic theory that divides all people in 2 categories just because it's easier this way for you, not because it has anything to do with reality. I actually was craving new updates less when I just started than now, when I am already two years in, because when I just started the whole sex/social game experience was a new and exciting thing for me and it was great as it is. I know people who here for less than half-year and don't care much about updates. I know people who here for several years and crave more new stuff. Take for exampl
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  9. that's really great to hear. it won't hurt if you communicate more often with players
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  10. chloe

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  11. Torax


    Yes I think you got it right, it is not about old or new player, or about how you play this game, it is about people reaction only. Some will choose to always stay silent, some will only reacts when things go real wrong (aka 20 dc's per hour) some will scream all the time and this is mostly explained by who each of us are rl, not the way we play here.
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  12. Sounds nice πŸ™‚ Now let the speculations begin πŸ˜‰ A whole new experience? Drivable cars? 🀩
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  16. I don't think there is a fixed date yet, but maybe @Gizmo can say if it will be next month, in 6 month or in 1 year.
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  17. Eighth survey about quality of 3DXChat started a few days ago. Please vote and share this survey to your friends -Thank you https://cutt.ly/surveyjan21
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  18. Lexxxxi

    Loruna... a challenge

    Agree. there could have been several hundred poses by now but again they don't have anymore intrest or don't want to. btw is it so hard provide some selfie poses or model poses ?
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  19. Still, they need more pose editor than what they have. It's been more than a month without an update and we're paying expensive memberships to play their game. They have the money to hire more people but they're not doing it and it's killing me to see all the potential 3DX has and that they're not exploiting that. Same for clothes, it's getting ridiculous.
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  28. Adara

    Your Mood

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  40. Adara


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  42. Adara

    Erotic Comics

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  43. Adara

    Erotic Comics

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  44. Adara

    Mood music

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