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  1. This Sunday is the Grand Opening of the Igloo. Come see what's snowing on inside...7-11am EST/13-17pm CET!!
  2. The Sand Castle - One Last Time This Year! This Sunday, November 20th is the final visit this year to the Sand Castle! Come join us for fun on the beaches, in the sand or on the dance floor! The party begins at 7am EST/13pm CET!
  3. Return to the Sand Castle this Sunday, November 13th beginning at 7am EST/13pm CET! Join DJs - MoFO, Viper, Bebbo, and Filippo as they mix their tunes and play for you during the party! Devil Dancers and green Power Velvet Dancer perform on the stages!
  4. Come join us this Sunday as the Grand Reopening of the Sand Castle takes place from 7am-12pm EST/13-18pm CET!! Check out the new area, surf, or just relax and enjoy the tunes from the DJs - Fabsi, KimB, MoFo, Chrisy and JHONY!! Devil Dancers and Green Power Velvet Dancer Army to perform on the stages!
  5. Come join us for the final event at the Haunt! with our Halloween Costume Party! This Sunday, October 30th, get dressed up and join us as we celebrate Halloween with DJs Jualy Hood, Mister DJ, Falk and Candyman as they mix it up for you to enjoy! The fun begins at 7am EST/12pm CET!
  6. The Haunt! is back this Sunday, with more tricks and treats for the party!! DJs Dabz, Brodock Darkstar, Jhony, and Noopy mix the tunes for you to enjoy! Devil Dancers and Green Power Velvet Dance Teams are scheduled to perform on the lava stages! The party runs from 7-11am EST/13-17pm CET!!
  7. Come join us this Sunday for the place to be - The Haunt! DJs - Fabsi/Lisanal/Falk/TjBr mix their songs for you during the four hour event!
  8. Come join us for the best place to be on Sundays - The Sand Castle!! 4, Live DJs spin and mix it up for your listening and party enjoyment! DJ Lisa/Lisanal/DirtyPanties/Filippo! Come play in the surf, surf on our boards, enjoy the jet skis or just relax and dance in the great atmosphere we provide!
  9. Hot August Continues with the fun at the Sand Castle! This Sunday, our DJs spin their tunes while you enjoy the waves, the beach or party in front of the castle! The fun runs from 7-11am EST/13-17pm CET! The Devil Dancers and GP Velvet Dancers perform!
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