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  1. Come join the fun with us this Sunday, January 16th, from 7-1130am EST/13-1730pm CET!! DJs - Konni, Kikuna, and Jhony spin their brands and mixes of tunes for you!!
  2. DJs Fabsi/Lisanal/Jhony in the mix and the Eclipse Dance Team to entertain this Sunday! Don't miss out on the fun!
  3. Return to Promyscira for the first party of 2022!! Djs, Dance Team, relax, party and enjoy in our relaxing atmosphere!!
  4. If you missed Shipwrecked on Christmas at Christmas Island, here is your last chance to see the island decorated for the holiday! This day after Christmas party features the sounds of DJs SweetDyana and Jhony! Come join us, relax and check out all the secrets the island holds! This Sunday, Dec. 26th 8-11am EST/14-17pm CET!!
  5. seems to be a lot of issues in both the general and user rooms...is a fix coming anytime soon???? the pool at the back of the yacht in the general rooms is another example of things not working...we spend a lot of time building and remodeling our rooms without having to go back and fix something that was damaged in an update to the game...
  6. Final official 2021 party with DJs Zade, Don Koyote and Jhony for the After Hour party!!
  7. Parties #4 and #5 coming up this Friday and Sunday respectively! Shipwrecked on Christmas begins at 7pm EST/1am CET and Christmas at the Dome on Sunday, 7am EST/13pm CET!! Dont miss out on the places to be this weekend!
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