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  1. Hot August Continues with the fun at the Sand Castle! This Sunday, our DJs Sashaboy, Mister DJ, Fabsi, Falk! spin their tunes while you enjoy the waves, the beach or party in front of the castle! The fun runs from 7-11am EST/13-17pm CET! The Devil Dancers and GP Velvet Dancers perform!
  2. This Sunday, let's go surfin' at the Sand Castle! Join us with DJs MarvelX, Filippo, Valery and Chrisy as they mix their tunes while we party at the Castle! Devil Dancers and GP Velvet Dancers will perform on the sand dunes! The fun begins in our relaxed atmosphere, from 7-11am EST/13-17pm CET!!
  3. Come join us for fun at the coolest place to be this Sunday - Chillers!! DJs, dance teams and you will be part of the fun in this relaxing environment!
  4. It's the Fourth of July, come enjoy the beach and my newest room - The Sand Castle!
  5. Pre July 4th party like none other! Join us in my new room as the DJs and Devil Dancers and Green Power Dance Teams perform as the night begins, just before the fireworks light up the skies overhead!!
  6. Or take a swim amongst the colorful coral??? It all happens this Sunday with the Grand Opening of - Sand Castle!!
  7. Ever spend the day at the beach and build a Sand Castle?? The fun all happens from 7-11am EST/13-17pm CET with the Gangsters of Sound as the DJs and Special Guests The Devil Dancers!
  8. Come join us this Sunday poolside at the Tiki Bar at Promyscira!! DJs Fabsi, Cassa, and Candyman provide the tunes while you enjoy and explore all my beautiful island home of Promyscira has to offer! The party begins 7am EST/13CET!! Come see why we are the place to be on Sundays!!
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