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  1. Come join in on the the best place to be on Sundays! This weekend, we visit Club Juana one last time before moving on in our adventures...the fun begins at 5am-11am EST/11am-17pm CET!!!! This Sunday's DJs - Fabsi/Sashaboy/JHONY with the fabulous Devil Dancers Dance Team as Special Guests!!! Come see what the fun is all about!!
  2. Dont miss out on the best place to be on Sunday's!! Now Open!!
  3. Opening in just 7 hours! come see all the fun you can have at the place to be Sunday mornings! - Club Juana!!!!!! 3DX CHAT JUANA GENTELMENS CLUB By JanetJ - Music & Videos - 3DXChat Community (3dxforum.com)
  4. Come check out and relax in the garden to the great sounds from DJs Candyman and Teoman this Sunday! The place to be!!! - Club Juana!!
  5. This Sunday we make a stop back at Club Juana ready to have some fun in this intimate club! DJs Candyman and Teoman provide the tunes for the day! Come relax in the saunas, garden room or party with us on the dance floor! The fun begins at 5am EST/11am CET thru 11am EST/17pm CET!!!
  6. Come be a part of the fun this Sunday at Promyscira! Wear casual clothes or bring your swim suit to dip in the pool or swim around the island or even indulge with someone in the grotto!
  7. The water surrounding us holds terrors while we party aboard the Private Dancer this Sunday, April 4th - 6=9am EST and 12pm - 15 pm CET!!!
  8. Come aboard the Private Dancer for a 3 hr cruise this Sunday, April 4th from 6-9am EST/12-15pm EST!! DJ Sashaboyx mixes the tunes while we sail into the night... Bring your swimwear as it promises to be a wet landing!! Hope you can swim fast!!
  9. Come join us and relax, chill, dance, party or all of them as we Return to Promyscira! This Sunday, March 28th! DJs Katkak, Darvina and Perrie 500 spin the tunes for us live for the event! Come see what lies behind the pink flowers!!!
  10. Come see what's cookin' at the SeaBreeze Marina this Sunday, March 21st, 6am - 12pm EST/11am-17pm CET! DJs Candyman/Sashaboy/Jhony to entertain your ears with their fantastic sounds, while the special guests - Devil Dancers join you on the dance floor! Come visit Soley, our bartender, at her new SeaSide Bar and Grill. Relax at the tables while being entertained!
  11. Come and see our bartender Soley! She has a secret surprise tomorrow - a new bar at the marina! She will be serviing up her wonderous libations and tending to everyone's needs!!
  12. Come feel the breeze...relax along the water or in one of the many cabanas or huts or just join on the dance floor as our DJs Lady DRAGONNE, Sashaboyx, and Tonny Drake entertain your ears! The place to be on Sundays in one of the most relaxed atmospheres!
  13. Come and relax at the place to be on Sundays! This week we are at The Callista! Come check out this beautiful club perched high above the mountain tops in relaxed atmosphere!
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