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  1. Let the devil in you come out to party tomorrow! Sunday, October 25th 4am-10am edt/10am-16pm cet!!
  2. Bring your favorite pumpkin or meet one here Sunday, October 25th - 4am-10am EDT/10am-16pm CET. DJs PammyCox, Sashaboy, Spook along with Special Guests - Devil Dancers provide the sounds and entertainment! Wear a costume or come as you are!
  3. DJs PammyCox, Sashaboy, Spook and feat. Devil Dancers provide the entertainment this Sunday at the New Club Juana! Come join in on the fun and some great sounds!
  4. Come join us for Halloween fun and tunes, this Sunday October 25th at the New Club Juana! Wear a costume to party or arrive in your Sunday casual and enjoy the relaxing environment of the Club. Music begins at 4am EDT/10am CET. See for yourself why my Clubs are the best to start your week out on a Sunday!
  5. Just 7 hours away until the opening of the New Club Juana! Come see why this is the place to relax and get your Sunday started with the best in the Sunday Blues - courtesy of the Blues Friends Network!
  6. Come join the relaxing environment of the New Club Juana. More dance floor space, steam baths/sauna, garden area, hookah room - lots of space to relax and enjoy! Music courtesy of the Blues Friends Network from 4am-10am EDT/10am-16pm CET. Hope to see everyone there!
  7. come join us and see why my rooms are one of the top rooms for entertainment! Now Open!!
  8. Just two days away to the New Club Juana on this Sunday!!
  9. New Club Juana Gentlemen's Club this Sunday, October 11th - 4am-10am EDT/10am-16pm CET. Come relax in the steam rooms, at the garden patio, the hookah room or in our main club room. See the changes and relax in the new comfortable atmosphere while DJs PammyCox/Sashaboy/Tonny Drake spin the tunes for the 6 hr event. After Hour at the Marina!
  10. Bring your swimwear and party at the Tiki bar with us right now!
  11. Just over 6 hours until its time to party at Promyscira! Bring your swimwear and relax in the pool or dance on the Tiki Bar dance floor! DJ Katka starts us off for the day at 4am EDT/10am CET!
  12. Tomorrow's the day! Dont miss out on the fun and great atmosphere at Promyscira! 4am-10am edt/10am-16pm cet, this Sunday, October 4th!
  13. Relax or dance in this spacious location. This Sunday, October 4th the place to be - Promyscira! 4am-10am EDT/10am-16pm CET. Come see why this is fastly becoming a Sunday morning/early afternoon habit!
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