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Update: Made progress on different buildings. Testing out lighting 🙂



Some screenshots from current project 😀 Will probably release as both a finished map and just a props pack, for things like the dumpsters, lights, etc. Still working out some of the designs so these may look different later on.

...and yes, that is an actual cum dumpster.

CityProps_(1).pngCityProps (2).png

CityProps (3).pngCityProps (4).png

CityProps (5).pngCityProps (6).png

CityProps (7).pngCityProps_(8).png

CityProps (9).pngCityProps_(10).png




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✚Props Pack - Arcade✚

Props for arcade/video game related builds. Currently has the arcade cabinets I made for my Dirty Pixel build, but with slightly tweaked design (no more blinking/blank screens...mostly). Also included a DDR-inspired game, in three color variations. Currently working on more for this, including stripper pole, bed, and of course glory hole "games" 🥰

Edit: Fixed some grouping mistakes.

...also made the stools less sucky.


ArcadeProps (2).pngArcadeProps (1).png

ArcadeProps (3).png

ArcadeProps (5).pngArcadeProps (6).png



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