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New room time. Ideal for a couple or small group.

This is small 2 bedroom house I modelled from one I used to live in, it was a what they call a Unit in Australia, which are specifically a group of small houses built for the purpose of renting.

It has no exterior(it doesnt look like a house on the outside, just a box, so this will be no good to add to an existing map or anything like that), though Ive placed some greenery and props outside the windows for effect.

I'm happy with all the lighting presets. The pics were taken with default night a 1

It runs nicely on laptops and is 168KB


Enjoy!  :)






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Another room finished off, probably more suited to roleplayers out there, this is a small restaurant.

It was built as an internal room only, with no access to outside, again like the unit I not long finished, there are props outside the building that can been seen veiwing out the windows but It wasnt built as an outside room, so the details on the outside of the building are non existent, but if you wanted to add it to an existing room, it wouldnt take much to have the outside looking ok.

As usual for all my stuff, its notebook friendly at 157KB and has a nice feel under all the lighting presets, though I couldnt quite get the lighting the way I wanted. Play around with it yourself to see what you like.


Enjoy  :)







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This is a small western town I made, I really like the layout in this one, it turned out better than I originally thought it would. Its not super detailed as the size was getting out of hand so a lot of the buildings are quite sparse, but now with 64bit and depending on your computer, you could add a lot more to these maps. As it is these are around 1mb each. Download links are down the bottom of the page.

Unlike any of my previous rooms, I ended up making two versions of this, a night and a day version because the lighting from the lanterns looked really bad in the day settings, the colour of those lights standing out so much it was jarring, so all the lights have been removed except the lamps in the Saloon rooms as they have no windows.

A big thankyou to Robert for the use of horses :P

2019-10-16 22-33-01_272237.jpg

2019-10-16 22-29-51_261002.jpg

2019-10-16 22-29-37_260156.jpg

2019-10-16 22-29-14_258769.jpg

2019-10-16 22-28-38_256596.jpg

2019-10-16 22-27-55_254071.jpg

2019-10-16 22-25-54_247394.jpg

2019-10-16 22-25-00_244174.jpg

2019-10-16 22-23-51_240103.jpg

2019-10-16 22-23-21_238351.jpg

2019-10-16 22-23-04_237308.jpg

2019-10-16 22-22-05_233787.jpg

2019-10-16 22-21-30_231717.jpg

2019-10-16 22-20-58_229790.jpg

2019-10-16 22-20-15_227339.jpg

Old West Night.world Old West Day.world

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This is a go-over so to speak of an earlier room I put up here, a small cottage beside a lake. I built that prior to having the landscape tools so I made the hills around using the build blocks which I was never happy with but its all I had then. 

So I redone all the surroundings and they look great now, but then I looked at the cottage I made back then and it didnt fit in my eyes as it was semi modern, so I got rid of the lot and built a new log cabin and built the firplace into the wall instead of having it within the building and it looks very nice. With the new spotlight I was able to put the warm soft glow of the fire exactly where it needed to be within the room and it looks beautiful and cosy. I have it set as night by default but looks great under all the presets available, and I kept it to a good size of 129KB.

After finishing this the other day, it has become my fav room, such a cosy and warm feeling to be in with that someone special. :wub: I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.







Lagoon Cabin.world

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Hey guys, with the festive season upon us I decided to make a liitle room. 

This is my cabin from the lakeside room I updated and re-released recently, I added it to a snowy alps theme and put some snow covering on it, then added some coloured bud lights. The inside is pretty much unchanged from the lake map, with the obvious inclusions of the x-mas tree and some coloured lights above the fireplace, and I also squeezed the dual lounge a little closer together. I placed some enviromental effects either side of the cabin that when viewing out the windows from inside look cool..  Its 214KB and runs well on notebooks and I hope you like it. :wub:




Xmas Cabin.zip

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I finally finished off the BOS Bunker, heres a cut and paste from the description before. 

It is loosely based off a location in a game I played, Fallout 76, and The Brotherhood Of Steel underground bunker that is within the game. When coming across this location I thought it was such a cozy spot that it would make a nice room to be in with that someone special in this game. :wub:  

I started building this around a year ago but because of the lack of decent lighting tools, I couldnt get the feel I wanted so I shelved it. To me, lighting is the most important part of having a room feel good or ordinary so after a few wasted efforts early on, I now only partially build a room then see how the lighting works for the size and layout before progressing any further. It runs well on notebooks and is 383KB.

In one of the pics below, youll see where I have circled a spot in the generator room, I wanted to add in the glory hole pose template but didnt want to have a hole in the wall and ruin the look of this room just for that, so I added in some railings to that room at the right heights so as the hands for that pose end up in the right spot and not in mid air. it turned out better than I thought it would and looks great, and more importantly, looks like its a natural part of the room.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)












Edited by JenC

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2 hours ago, ☙𝔼𝕩❧ said:

Is Fallout 76 still alive?

ps: good job!

Thanks, Im not sure how that game is going, Ive not played it for a long time. I will have another look at it when they add the NPCs early next year.

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OMG!  New here and I love this thread!  I just started building about 3 weeks ago and ran into issues with how to make lettering!  I am sure everyone here knows how hard it is to do it by hand:)

I also discussed TONIGHT with my boyfriend about building a silo home.  I have been dabbling all evening trying to figure out how to start and I stumble on Jen's incredible bunker.  

You are all so very talented and imaginative and I thank everyone here for sharing your hard work.

The only way it could be improved (IMHO) is to put it all in one place.  People directed me to https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ and to https://3dxmodz.com/ then tonight I stumbled on this thread.  It would make it so much easier if there was a single place to share:(  I am hoping to get the hang of this and contribute back to the community someday:)


Thanks again to everyone in this thread!



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JenC, that bunker looks friggin cool, though in my mind the bunkers made me think more of Generation Zero than Fallout :) Other than that, I really don't have anything more to add, other than to echo tor's sentiments :) I'm stunned by some of the talents on here :)

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Im glad you like the rooms, I have a few more on the way that I will be putting up.

tor, some advice I can give is to look at others works and see what primitives(blocks) are used for different shapes and items, textures used and general ideas from others. And obviously, the more you play around with it the better you will likely become. I know when I look back on my early rooms I built I can see a huge difference to what I make now, but also we now have much better tools than we did early on, a huge amount of new primitives and textures and lighting.

Dont get too caught up in high details for basic props, I remember going into a laggy room once and checked it out, the person had spent way too much on silly things, like 100+ prims on a toaster and things like that, its silly and doesnt add to the feel of the room. Also try and stay away from real-life dimentions for inside your house. this is an error ive seen many make and while the idea of keeping the dimentions close to real is appealing, it causes bad problems for the game because of how our avatars work and move,  the camera clipping can be nasty in tight corners and rooms, so its best to make your rooms a decent size, and the overall layout as close to open plan as possible.


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