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  1. Loruna


    It does indeed make no sense to say, that 3dx should not bring updates because of this stolen version. Every big onlinegame has those issues. World of Warcraft etc. The key of being ahead of this stolen version is, to bring more updates than them. Make the original game more attractive than this stolen version and you will have not even a problem with them. They can even work in the favor of the original game. A person "tests" the game on that stolen version and sees the potential. Then this person sees the original game which has way more features and a way better quality over a
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  2. I decided to take pics of beautiful places in 3dx that catch my eye. Places that are artistic, creative, and worthy of sharing... First off: @Anaganda's Erotic Bathhouse (Ruins edition) A gorgeously built alternative to the original Erotic Bathhouse, with wonderful attention to detail, walls lushly overgrown with vines and foliage, tumbled pillars... A lovely atmosphere, you can either visit to relax with friends and lovers, or get a little naughty if the mood takes you 😊 Definitely a room worth visiting on your travels around the 3dx wor
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  3. Neur


    There was a small amount of sarcasm in the comment 👀
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  4. Why is this should be our problem? Every project has such problem, but they dont stop doing updates. With a simple hack People are able to take any mesh from any project. Unfortunately, but this is true.
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  5. Eyleen

    ACDC LIVE. 24th January

    ACDC live in 3dx do not miss it next saturday 24th, join us and enjoy the best rock live with you Organized and Dj Moris supported by BDSMetal Gang Red Baron 3DX Band live on stage
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  6. Gizmo

    Patch Notes & Updates

    Build 430 Bug fixes: Men pubes color; Resolution select; Send gift error; Profile pics loading improved.
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  8. you both are awesome i agree 100000000% and i will honor you with a lil pink text <<<<<<<<
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  9. THX


    As great as unique meshes are, that isn't the only avenue to more clothing. With just the basic T-shirt already in game, .png, transparency, some textures, bmp, specular maps etc, there could have been THOUSANDS of shirts made already. Same could be said for all the other meshes in game already. The best way to negate pirates is to out produce them and make using their platform undesirable. As long as things are the way they are, knock offs will become attractive.
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  10. actually the pirates did better job on clothing... at least they got tons of new clothes. :c
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  11. Please add the Arabic language to The Game 3DXCHAT Please do not neglect my message and take it into consideration Where we pay subscription money to support you in raising the level of the game We advertise the game on other platforms for games so they can come to friends But there is no support available to us, the Arabs in the Arabic language, and this is a simple problem for you But we have a problem that is not simple. Many leave the game because the Arabic language is not properly supported
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  12. 🇫🇷 J'ai appliqué la solution lors du même problème, parut visiblement lors du précédent patch. Cela consiste à : - télécharger le programme donné par Gizmo. Il s'agit en fait de réinstaller le client 3DXChat. J'ai procédé comme suit : - J'ai désinstallé 3DXChat avec Ccleaner - J'ai fait un nettoyage avec Ccleaner - J'ai redémarrer mon ordinateur - J'ai fait un nettoyage du Registre avec Ccleaner, afin de m'assurer qu'il ne restait plus de fichiers résiduels, qui pouvaient empêcher l'installation du nouveau programme. - Puis j'ai lancé le programme donné par Gizmo, qui est l'i
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  13. THX

    Free Designs by THX

    Valentine Game 2021 https://mega.nz/file/dNwwFJzC#fv7XaEL9yMVypowUFpClgkJKKISorKCHBrphoVs9gR0 Author Valentine's For Couples Game type: Couples/Lovers How to play. Couples will move together. Interactions only occur between the couple. Must roll exact number to take one of three places. there are two possible paths to choose to complete the game. Your choice.
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  14. MeiLing


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  18. JackPine

    Erotic Photography

    I could really use a cappuccino about now~
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  19. Wow, great news. Keep it going 👍
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  21. JackPine

    Erotic Photography

    Going bananas? I am ~
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  37. Credits: Adara, Lyam, Cruise, xoAaliyahox
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  40. Adara

    Tattoed Girls

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  42. Adara

    Mood music

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  44. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTCDVfMz15M
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  45. Adara

    Erotic Comics

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