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User created content seems to be a recent change with people creating and submitting to the devs and if it meets their approval gets added to a build.
On your login screen under Whats New it shows all the notices for recent updates and has notations about new clothes and who created them if user submitted.
More recent additions look to have R&M which I assume replaces the names Redji and Manyasha from earlier additions.

There are other contributors as well but you have to click the link to bring up the web page that shows older updates.

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9 hours ago, Neur said:


Is that bodyΒ model the same which is used in 3dxchat? Where could I find one if I'd like to give it a try?

I have some experience in 3D modeling but I have never created clothes. It looks like something that I could learn though!

go in 3dxchat official discord server and download the tatoo dev kit that provides the obj file and happy creations :)Β 

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Btw @GizmoΒ we could help with build editor texture metterials if you could tell us specificationsΒ 

i could make some fur texture and other textures like different woods or whateverΒ  so we can use on build editor .

can you tell us more info ? how you want them be imported format resolution etcΒ 

have a nice one ;)Β 

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