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  1. Could we have wrist and ankle cuffs for the more discerning kinkster please?
  2. When did the camera zoom step setting disappear??? That was a very useful setting.
  3. This would be a bad idea in my opinion. You would end up with lots of empty rooms open 24/7 and people spread too thinly amongst the rooms. At the moment there are approximately 10-15 rooms open that have 10+ people in them at any one time. Giving people the option to spread themselves over more rooms would kill the social aspect of this game as it did in RLC when everyone had their own club open 24/7. The only people in the vast number of clubs was the owner and possibly one friend to keep them company. Almost everywhere became a ghost town. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Some seamed stockings and "fuck me" shoes to go with them please Loruna. YUM YUM!
  5. I wonder how many others are still using the blind makeup method? lol There really should be a tutorial.
  6. I would like to be able to see my avatars face close up when I'm in the character editor.
  7. I am always seeing people complaining about cold invites. I had an idea that may stop these. I call it a CHASTITY CODE. Each player will have the option to put in a 4 digit code that will stop cold invites unless they have given the other person their code. For those those who like cold invites they can either post their code on their profile, which will encourage people to at least look at their profile to see if they have posted their code, or they can leave it at the default code of "0000". The chastity code can be changed at any time to avoid previous partners from using it again. When someone does a partner request they will have a small dialogue box pop up asking for the code of the person they are inviting. If the wrong code is entered the partner request is not sent. Alternatively it could be made completely optional with an on and off button to allow others to by pass their chastity code.
  8. And some ankle cuffs to keep the vast BDSM community happy would be nice.
  9. My wishes for next year please devs. Shoes and hair for females.
  10. An Xgold economy and the ability for players to create clothing and sell would see this game explode in popularity overnight.
  11. Some sexy night attire for the ladies?
  12. FWIW posting here I will make a suggestion anyway. It would be great to be able to do deco with a friend in the same place at the same time. This would be handy to teach new people how to do deco for instance.
  13. I found a fix for the 0's in profiles. Simply go to edit profile and save. That's is if your profile has 0's not if you see them in someone elses.
  14. Some proper slutty shoes would be great. Also ballgags would be fun and I expect crawling has been suggested manytimes.
  15. I see folks saying it is the devs responsibility to add poses to the game, if they make a pose editor they WILL be adding poses to the game in a wholesale way. I can see numerous poses will be added daily, some will be fantastic, some not so good but I hope that we will have the option of adding the ones we like to our pose library much like we can add the user created props to our world editor library from the world editor workshop in the forums. Once we have them in our personal library we simply send our partner/s the pose we want to use in game like we do now and if they accept they get a quick auto download and away we go. There are some very talented people in here who love to show people what they can do so have no fear of people not sharing their poses You will have more poses than you can use I reckon.
  16. Just some advice if I may Gizmo. Don't lose track of why people pay to play this game. I think I can speak for most of us when I say the initial reason we first started playing was for the sex aspect. Yes the world editor is a good sideline but don't focus all your efforts on it. I have seen this scenario happen once already in RLC. Everyone was socialising, the clubs were packed then along came the world editor equivalent and the public places turned into a ghost town overnight as everyone went off to their own private dwellings to play with the new attraction. Almost everyone opened their own club which invariably was empty after "The Grand Opening". Consequently when people got bored with the editor the socialising had ceased to exist as people were scattered far and wide sitting alone in their own clubs. I urge you, please refocus your efforts on what the majority of us want before its too late.
  17. I got a simple suggestion that would be useful, when we return to game from character editor would it be possible to have the option to return to the exact location where we left and not have to select a room?
  18. If we could use the current sex poses as solo poses we would have countless possibilities for making sex toys. Also if we could make Betty do every pose (not just sex poses) on her own while we are using world editor it would make it so much easier to line the props up when making toys. I reckon these things would not be that hard to implement.
  19. One feature that is desperately needed is an auto reply option to PMs. If we are AFK for a while it would be useful to be able to activate an auto reply to let people know if they PM us. It can either be a generic reply like "sorry I am AFK right now. I will get back to you when I return" or let users create their own auto reply like "Go away... I'm not here"
  20. Cue the tumbleweed rolling past
  21. There is a definite lack of BDSM in particular bondage poses. We all enjoy a bit of tiesy upsy now and then so lets have some more options please. Also a crawl option maybe with a leash would be fun.
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