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  1. Blindfolds might be fun so that you can only see names and messages when wearing one. To add to that maybe ballgags as well that only let you use purple text when wearing one.
  2. Could we have wrist and ankle cuffs for the more discerning kinkster please?
  3. When did the camera zoom step setting disappear??? That was a very useful setting.
  4. This would be a bad idea in my opinion. You would end up with lots of empty rooms open 24/7 and people spread too thinly amongst the rooms. At the moment there are approximately 10-15 rooms open that have 10+ people in them at any one time. Giving people the option to spread themselves over more rooms would kill the social aspect of this game as it did in RLC when everyone had their own club open 24/7. The only people in the vast number of clubs was the owner and possibly one friend to keep them company. Almost everywhere became a ghost town. Be careful what you wish for.
  5. Some seamed stockings and "fuck me" shoes to go with them please Loruna. YUM YUM!
  6. I wonder how many others are still using the blind makeup method? lol There really should be a tutorial.
  7. I would like to be able to see my avatars face close up when I'm in the character editor.
  8. I am always seeing people complaining about cold invites. I had an idea that may stop these. I call it a CHASTITY CODE. Each player will have the option to put in a 4 digit code that will stop cold invites unless they have given the other person their code. For those those who like cold invites they can either post their code on their profile, which will encourage people to at least look at their profile to see if they have posted their code, or they can leave it at the default code of "0000". The chastity code can be changed at any time to avoid previous partners from using it again. When someone does a partner request they will have a small dialogue box pop up asking for the code of the person they are inviting. If the wrong code is entered the partner request is not sent. Alternatively it could be made completely optional with an on and off button to allow others to by pass their chastity code.
  9. And some ankle cuffs to keep the vast BDSM community happy would be nice.
  10. My wishes for next year please devs. Shoes and hair for females.
  11. An Xgold economy and the ability for players to create clothing and sell would see this game explode in popularity overnight.
  12. Some sexy night attire for the ladies?
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