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Administration,You are not ashamed to steal the days spent by the players in an empty waiting your servers,your problems..That would have done a week free extended to all the participants who paid for access,so it would be fair..Here Your company knowingly knowing about the problems, all that is doing on the servers ..And we're wasting our subscription time..so read the update time and servers do not work in the subscription..You and only You-to blame for The fact that you do not work the server ,not the players who paid you a subscription!!!!

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Guys, we're still under attack. We managed to keep the forum stable, but the main game server is still unavailable. We have taken a number of protective steps and continue our work to bring you back i

Dear players, as you noticed recently the load on our server has increased and the server can not handle it. Our team is working hard to update the server and software. We thank you for your understan

Guys, the attack continues. The game server is down. We requested support from the data center engineers, but because of the weekend, we have not yet received a response.

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Stop panic. Everything is good now.


last time you said this, the game was down for 5 days, you didnt even gave to people any explanation for days, and after this no commercial gesture or anything...after more than a year without update, how is that possible ? so people pay for nothing ? 


it seems its down since two days for some people again now, i try to log since a hour but keep loosing connection when i log. (even after re installing and turn off firewall)


really.. you should do something





Cordially :)

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Hi Gizmo.
I want to emphasize things.
Since the "new" server has been put, there have been problems, which patiently, both on your part and on our part, have been solved.
Unfortunately, since the server has been published, it is not possible to log in completely. I'll explain.
Every time I go in (especially in the evening) the server makes me log in ... but continues to tell me reconnection, and this does not happen only once, I have to return several times to enter, and unfortunately for you, I'm not 'only that has this problem.




1 - You have trimmed sexual positions that we already had, they were simply changed, and there are photos that prove it ...

2 - Regarding the 4/5 days where 3dx was offline, we were not told how we would be reimbursed and above all IF we would be reimbursed. A post of "I LOVE 3DX" has been inserted but the prizes will be given only to those who will participate, and I doubt that this is about 4/5 days that the server has been offline.

3 - Some "pizzas" will never replace clothes. Some "mountains" will never replace poses.

4 - This is NOT a post against Gizmo of course, is a post to UNDERLINE the malfunctions of the game.

5 - We appreciate very much that every now and then Gizmo is online in 3dxchat (game).

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I couldnt get on last night.


I could this morning.


I cannot tonight (same time as yesterday).


Im no techy and no nothing of paths etc but havent changed a thing, click the same button to start up the game.


Don't see how this is my fault, ergo it must be 3DX's


WTF is wrong with this thing, wasnt like this before the super duper update  :/

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