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  1. NurseNicci.thumb.png.231d628af66c3156f19c852285188be4.png

    1. Nicci


      Very funny 😆 

  2. :P


    1. Nicci


      So mean 😭 

    2. Sage Stoner

      Sage Stoner

      lol  You know I love ya!

  3. Hey! I just found this video of LauraLee on Imgur!! Check it out!!!


    1. Nicci


      Lmao you have to show her that!!!!

  4. So, I was talking with your therapist and . . . .


  5. So, I was talking with your therapist and . . . .


  6. Got a doctor's appointment today. But I'll see you tomorrow. 

  7. I'm sure you'll take good care of her if she winds up in the hospital. :P


  8. No wonder I can never beat you in a fair fight, you pussy! 


  9. I'll see your gingerbread man and raise you a meat baby. :P



  10. OMG, I just realized that if a woman named Mary were ever to be appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, that would make her "Mary, Queen of SCOTUS!!!" omg omg!!

  11. Hey! I found your graduation photo on the Internet of all places!!


  12. Here! Instead of a sweet roll, try some . . . 


  13. Wow, that is the first time anyone on 3dx ever said that as a compliment. lmao
  14. At this point, what difference does it make, really? People stay either because they are having fun DJing or producing parties or they have friends they aren't willing to abandon. No one expects anything from SexGameDevil anymore. They are incompetent. End of story.
  15. If it bothers you so much, un-iggy and then re-iggy them. That seems to make them disappear on my system, anyway.
  16. I think that what pretty meant was that players who were on your ignore list before the update are no longer hidden from view, even though you can't see each other's profiles or send messages. So, no, fixing that would not bring back Pandora.
  17. U7F4eNh.jpg

    Hey, who am I to disagree?

  18. Always check your surroundings when eating a taco. 


    1. Nicci


      I could fit that whole thing in my mouth 😧

  19. BReXOin.jpeg

    1. Sage Stoner

      Sage Stoner

      It's your own fault, really, that shit like this shows up on your profile, because you're the one who introduced me to Imgur. 😁

  20. This why I stopped subscribing and always buy a one-time code. The price is the same, but I never have to worry about unwanted renewals. By the way, I have found BMT Micro to be very helpful is straightening out this kind of issue. Yes, it is a shame that the 3DX Devs don't know what they are doing. But fortunately for them, BMT Micro picks up a lot of their slack.
  21. xOXL7j7.jpg

    1. Sage Stoner

      Sage Stoner

      I could swear that I sent this yesterday,.but maybe I got interrupted and didn't click the send button. :P

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