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to pick up a few user requests:

  1. Status line upper or below the nickname where we can write something or choose some options (Online/AFK/Looking for partner/Cold sex/Roleplay/Do not disturb and so on).
  2. Penis/strapon sizes. I strongy believe it's possible. Just add the slider of thickness and length and scrotums size, +- 20% will not break the animations but give to the players a lot of emotions.
  3. Cum on ass option, and bigger ass slider!
  4. Elven ears (as a separate setting in the "face" section).
  5. More stockings and underwear options with modern texture editing - Add texture editing on older meshes.
  6. Add some of Transparent and translucent fabrics to clothes materials by a slider.
  7. lap dance poses and more pole dances. Maybe create your own pattern or have triggers with them. More sexy couple dances. Some hot touching and twerking. We spend a lot of time dancing in this game, let's get some sexy ones please.
  8. New adjustments to my avatar body and face (with the new face morpher feature), it's a pain having to make the same changes to ALL my other outfits. Proposal: Reorganize the Head and Body menu into Physical, Hair and Makeup, and Wardrobe.
  9. The possibility to "clean the avatar" without leaving the room.
  10. t.b.d
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