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Photo Contest: Show your 3DX love

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Dear players,


A wonderful day is coming - December 6th. Our community will be 6 years old.

To prepare for the holiday and make it more fun, we decided to hold a contest  :)

We invite everyone to take part in the photo contest "Show your 3DX love"  :wub: 


Prizes (6 prize places)

  • 1st place = 1 year of gametime
  • 2nd-3rd places = 6 monts of gametime
  • 4-6 places = 1 month of gametime
  • Bonus: 6000 XGold for each participant


  • Post your photo with text "I love 3DXCHAT" or "Iheart-icon.png3DXCHAT" (without quotes) in this topic
  • You can write the text on your body or paper, or wall, or print, or show it on the laptop screen... turn on your imagination
  • You should not use photoshop, or other photo editors by adding text to the photo
  • A part of your body should be on the photo. It is not necessary to show your face completely.

Show your love to the whole 3DX community and win the grand prize  B)

Good luck!



Terms and conditions

The results of the competition will be announced on December 6, 2018. Winners will be chosen by the administration represented by Gizmo and Lisa.

How to get bonus gold will be announced on the day of the announcement of the winners. Each participant can receive only one prize of gold, regardless of the number of published photos.

Each participant can publish any number of photos, all of them will be evaluated. By publishing a photo in this topic you agree with the rules of the contest and agree that your photos can be used by the organizers in social networks (instagram, twitter) and / or as promotional materials on the Internet.



A small explanation, the text should not be added to the photo by photoshop, or other photo editors.


Good and correct example is Soul666's photo. The text is written on paper held by a girl https://pp.userapi.com/c850032/v850032334/c1223/Y6ftj3eWtEY.jpg

So those who have posted and will post know the rules.

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