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    Thats my hat !!!    LOL.

    Probably my beer too, out my fridge!


  2. I don't have too get up...… for work in weeks finally.....
  3. Davidlee

    Your Mood

    Is a open book really here and do you really have the time too listen too it or read it? and if you do guess you wondering what too put in here before you share your mood where some of us don't really, Am I being too real as I always am too all that know me? Mood is the holidays are here and people get more rude during them and I live it everyday. Is not a jolly time, Look at yourself and say did I treat the people that I am shopping with in a holiday way. Bet most didn't is so sad how all are too each other. people now days that serve them for the holidays are beat on giving there best too serve I watch it and see it everyday. SMH . Don't let these people bring you down, lift yourself up as it is who you are inside and let it be seen each and everyday, never let go of you!!!!
  4. Mine for today: Is me saying I am who I am and never showed you someone else either, you left me and never spoke too me nor said goodbye. Guess this quote was too be of the day so here it is!! You are who you are. some like, or some don't, but be you always and when they leave not saying nothing it will bother you but you were true too the person you are and have always been with them. G...…..
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