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  1. September 5, 2020 @ 1pm EST
  2. Hence this is why a list of rules in plain English is needed. So that we all know what can or cannot be said and if there is a blacklist of sites then we as paying customers have a right to see it so we are better informed.
  3. Honestly I just want to know a list of things said that could possibly get me banned or blocked if you prefer.
  4. Perhaps she was speaking of just blocking someone for speaking French on her own list but isn't that racist?
  5. So apparently if you are a dev then you can just get away with anything but paying customers are bound to rules that are being changed without warning? And again I ask is there a blacklist available for us to see so we know what not to say?
  6. So let me get this straight....as long as someone doesn't say something about race or another gaming site then you cannot be banned...am I correct in this assessment? Also is there a list of these illegal sites that are blacklisted for us to see so we know them?
  7. See I do not understand any of this and I'm sorry but the rules posted doesnt explain it. I know you don't have to explain and I know I am only one player but at the end of the day 3dxchat is a business and I am a paying customer for said business and deserve the common respect of someone simply stating in plain damn English what is allowed and whats not allowed in WC, local chats, and even my own personal private chats so I can avoid getting banned for it jeez
  8. Thank you for that but it still doesn't explain why some are being banned and they don't even say anything in WC or local chats. I don't see why what they say in a private chat would go against any of these rules but apparently they do and that to me is wrong
  9. Seems there are many now that are being banned for periods of time. While I hardly have time to enjoy my membership, I have many friends that this has happened to. Personally I don't get how we can be banned when we pay to frigging be here but apparently I'm alone in that view point so I would love for an admin or something to list to me all the damn rules because banning people that pay for your game without them knowing a reason or what they did wrong is just not frigging right.
  10. Ever wonder what the sailors do when the Sirens are away?? Come find out the night of the 8th....but beware because if ya still there when the Sirens return they just might reign you in with these naughty sailor boys😏😏😏
  11. Haven’t posted in a minute so here ya go😊 He leads her to the room, his hand wrapped around her slender one, his grip tight but not enough to inflict pain or stop her if she wished to get away. But she was not going anywhere was she...no she wanted this...needed this more than he could know. The reddish light face off an eerie feeling to the room but not in the sense of fear. It was more a gentle warning that once one entered there was no going back. That the power has shifted without a single word being uttered and she shivered slightly as he walked her to the bed. A gentle pus
  12. Come show us what you got ladies!! We are looking for fun, sexy women who love to dance and like to journey on the wild side of life! We are a no drama team and just love to cut up and be alluring as hell....if you think you have what it takes to be a Sirenthen come join us and let the fun begin!!!
  13. On behalf of The Sirens, we would like to thank you Bia for having us at your event! It was wonderful and we enjoyed the atmosphere as well as all who joined us and we look forward to attending more with you❤️
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