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Alright, in the order of importance (for me):


1. GLASSES! Not sunglasses, but regular vision glasses that us short-sighed geeks need to wear. I feel very weird without my glasses, I wear them everywhere (on IMVU I wear my glasses even with Roman-style stolas and robes... anachronistic, I know, but it makes me feel like myself!). 


Here are some models I like: clear, simple, elegant lines (and not the oversized hipster-style ones!!!!):





2. FLAT SHOES!!! My feet already feel sore from being in high heels all the time in the game!! And even when I go barefoot I have to walk on tip-toe! I want cute, simple, comfy shoes (and sandals) like these: 




Also, sneakers and beach flip-flops would be nice. Who on Earth goes to the beach in high heels?!?

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3. More casual clothes: jeans that aren't so darn tight; shorts that aren't butt-short, but mid-tight short/knee-short/mid-calf short; more normal t-shirts; comfy hoodies (for both genders!); flowy shirts/tee shirts/tops and babydolls; sundresses (again, not absurdly short, but something actually wearable):



(yes, that's Emma Watson in the last picture. Yes, I loved and identified with her Hermione character. Get over it.)



All in all, the general idea is: please add some non-slutty clothes! I mean, I do understand it's a sex game, and I do understand a large part of the customers are just guys who want to create bimbo female characters and watch their oversized animated boobs bounce up and down... And still, I want to believe there is also a minority of normal people around here. Just because I feel best when I wear casual clothes (that do cover my body) does not mean I don't like sex! The fun part is getting me out of the comfy hoodie and discovering what I'm wearing underneath... *winks*

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Guest Suikazura

I would definitely like some shoes that aren't heels. :P

They would need to fix our feet first.


We look weird walking around on our toes, without shoes.

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