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I actually do walk that way (on the pads of my feet, not my toes), but it does still look weird at rest.

Same here. Although I am trying to get into a habit of using my toes, to no avail.
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Guest Suikazura

Here is a Idea from a other Member in 3DXchat...


I think that brings a bit Color on the banana :D:lol:

I need a Condom in black, I use this then as black Censor Bar :huh::lol:





Remember the John Ritter movie "Skin Deep". It had a scene with "glow in the dark" condoms.

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Hmmm not sure of the use of the coddom in game . In another game , coddoms was asked by some that was wanting them ( a dozen of peoples ) they made coddoms and as a resule , nobody use them in game lol . It would probably be the same here , even if the use can be easyer here due to the possibility to wear / unwear stuff . 


But still not sure its usefull .

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