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    Reading, watching Tv Shows, Yoga, listenning to music, hardcore boardgamer, old books....
  1. Splendid! We are going to have a lot of fun
  2. Don't we love the bugs
  3. Feelyne

    This is silly

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present: the scarf bifle and the flying carpet.
  4. It gives us nice screenshots tho ^^
  5. Definitely a good idea. For some people ( like me) being a good hostess is kind of important. It would be nice to be able to offer drinks and food in our homes to our guests, so we have a good time. of course we already have a good time anyway the way it is now^^. One other thing : being able to sit more than two people on a couch would be great! Right now we need a couch per person XD. Takes so much place !
  6. Oh I love the bralette! good idea!!!
  7. Feelyne

    Angels & Demons

    We need a burlesque party!!!!
  8. Oh great! A party at love Island! I like that place so much!!!! We need more events at this location. -Jumps everywhere-
  9. Party are always fun, bring it on
  10. I never knew you had such a great balance!
  11. Feelyne

    Say Hello!

    thank you a lot hope to chat with you sometimes Achilles.
  12. Feelyne

    Say Hello!

    Hello, I've join your community 3 weeks ago now, time flies. ^^ I've met pretty awesome people. I'm having a lot of fun, I have to thank everybody for that. I just love the love island so much. It's a great place. About me. I'm a book worm. I read fantasy a lot, erotica, french and English classics. I enjoy good Tv shows, Big bang theory, Game of thrones, how I met your mother, Downton abbey ( VERY hardcore fan haha) I have watched Friends like 10 times each seasons... also Weeds, Breaking bad, Prison break, walking dead, Avatar the last air bender I'm listening to Fairytail right now. I w
  13. we neeeeeed tiny hats and because she is so gorgeous, I give you dita .
  14. You can do the magic carpet from aladdin. I'll be jasmine hehe
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