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  1. Shawn

    User Reviews

    I'll have to post in here... *grins* 1. What features do you like most ? Easy and cheesy answer : oLisa's Some more detailed version : Well I guess I don't like any feature at all. Let me explain : We are given a platform to play with and some kind of social experiment to enjoy. If I wanted features I'd go to RLC where I can build entire worlds or design clothes and skins (been there, done that). If I wanted poses, I'd go to Achat where there must be 30 times more poses than in here with seamless transitions between them (hint : that would be a good thing to work on) Yet I have been here for some time now and sticked on spending time on 3Dx servers. The community is awsome, graphics are incredible (yet I think you could sqeeze more from the unity engine... Those square trees on the beach... awww), I built up some friendships and even more thanks to that "game". But that's no "features", that's just people. Bottom line is : You come for the graphics, you stay for the people. (I said cOme ) 2. What would you say to get some new players ? You can't give it a try. That's a shame, it would be worth it. Have a go at Juliet's demo to get a hint on the graphics. Yet it's an experience more than just some 3D environment with sex enabled. You'll sign in for a month. You'll blame it for the lack of poses after having fucked everyone around in every single pose you can think of. And then you'll realize that this game is less about fucking than about interacting with people. You'll resign at the end of that first month... And you'll be starting missing the people you met in there. Then you'll sign back in for another month, just to keep in touch with them. And an other one after that... Then you won't even feel you're hooked, but you will hate every day you don't have time to connect (or when servers are down ). Maybe you'll find true friends there, maybe you'll find love... Maybe you'll just find relief. But you'll sure be finding what you look for, and maybe some good things you didn't expect at all. My 2c.
  2. I must agree with D1 on each and every word. I love this game, I have been playing it for a few months (well call that years now) and never even thought of going back to other same themed games where I still had accounts. Partly because of the graphics on which no other game of that kind can compete with up to now, but mostly because of the community. Yet I do feel quite puzzled with the development schedule. You set a suggestion board on to be used (and even deleted a thread about dev issues I made in here) but you don't seem to even look at it lest take it into account. Shemales and 3sums have been asked for as long as I have been playing the game, given the status of "under development" and yet all we got for now are some clothes and a few poses. With no communication whatsoever regarding those hot issues. Oh yes, you also introduced some kind of ingame currency. For now it is harmless but I do fear for the future as I already see people asking for gifts in exchange of sexual favors... You are ahead of competition for now, question is how much do you want to keep it that way ? As I see it for now things are slowing down as you feel quite happy with your current success. As it has been said before, being ahead of competition doesn't spare you the efforts of developing further, on the contrary it should put pressure on you to outperform yourselves and keep the lead. You do have a great product, sell it ! But to do so you have to communicate and improve it. You have talented people around that are eager to help. Take them into account. And keep everyone updated on how things goes. That the bare minimum.
  3. But with the right hairdresser you can Rochi!
  4. Bad hair day for Lisa and Shawn
  5. I just feel ridiculous with my photoshop skills when I see that. And almost ashamed of how little I can show my love for the one I care for.
  6. Shawn

    This is silly

    I promised Spanks I'd do it... A little rough and not finished cult movie of the eighties :
  7. Shawn

    Sketch War !

    http://sketchtoy.com/60724817 I stand prepared for the consequences. Next : A donkey randomly kissing 2 mules with a green outfit. Oh and by the way Lisa, I just love you.
  8. Shawn

    Sketch War !

    There you go my dear Eve... http://sketchtoy.com/60597626 Next : A space monkey flavored icecream
  9. Shawn

    Sketch War !

    Here it comes... http://sketchtoy.com/60597185 Next : Sunny nights
  10. Shawn

    Sketch War !

    I can do that ! http://sketchtoy.com/60572590 Next : Bill Gates skating down mount rushmore.
  11. Shawn

    Sketch War !

    Here's your zebra (more of a cowbra actually) http://sketchtoy.com/60568951 Next : Justin Bieber eating a bacon flavoured banana on the golden gate bridge. (gotta raise the challenge a bit)
  12. Shawn

    Sketch War !

    I didn't... http://sketchtoy.com/60564100 Next : A duck kicking Chuck Norris
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