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While I don't mind all the sexy underwear/playwear and beachwear suggestions a simple expansion of available "normal" top- and bottomwear rates MUCH higher on my list.


Let's face it. You have six variations of the same knotted top and four colour schemes of the jeans trousers and shorts and not much more. The dresses are nice though.

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Yes Tanya I agree! We do need more "normal clothes" having the same thing on every day is really not my cup of tea :P everyone here has posted some nice things. I personally like beach clothes. Personally I don't really like going to the beach in a thong. Lol but right we should demand normal clothes :P

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Please... more clothing options for men. Please. The ladies currently look amazing, with many diverse options for clothing. We would like to rival their class with some diverse clothing options of our own.





-better looking tshirt (non-vneck with better looking stitching)

-sweater over button up (with and without rolled up sleeves)

-sweater over tshirt (with and without pushed up sleeves)

-henley shirt

-fleece pullover with zipper

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