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"Alright, in the order of importance (for me):


1. GLASSES! Not sunglasses, but regular vision glasses that us short-sighed geeks need to wear. I feel very weird without my glasses, I wear them everywhere (on IMVU I wear my glasses even with Roman-style stolas and robes... anachronistic, I know, but it makes me feel like myself!). 


Here are some models I like: clear, simple, elegant lines (and not the oversized hipster-style ones!!!!):





2. FLAT SHOES!!! My feet already feel sore from being in high heels all the time in the game!! And even when I go barefoot I have to walk on tip-toe! I want cute, simple, comfy shoes (and sandals)"



All though Morris is not a female character, I must say I still agree with the flat shoes must be added. Like cute balerinas or so.

And if glasses get added, please don't forget males and tortoise patterned glasses.


Just to add something nerdy and classic.


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Guest Suikazura

A freakin' light saber would be awesome!




Not sure how this falls into clothing. I think you misread the title of the thread.


That said, it would make dealing with "colds" a lot more interesting :D

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