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  1. Thanks for the answers, guys! I realized after I posted. Hera, take care too!
  2. Back in June I renewed my subscription for 6 months (it's valid until December 6th). I don't want to play anymore. The game looks good, I was glad to see the new threesome animations, and still, I don't feel I have a place in it anymore (gave it one last chance today after a long break). So I deleted my characters and I was wondering if I might regain at least part of my wrongly-placed investment. So, am I allowed to sell my account? Has this been done before?
  3. ... though, if you make a female avatar and engage in sex with another female avatar, you might get a surprise penis. Which feels... pretty disconcerting to me.
  4. Yup, completely agreed with Cassidy! Or, if that is too much to implement, at least the possibility to directly link that avatar card to the profile here.
  5. Awwww, Pashion! *makes snowball and throws it your way*
  6. Why "unless they are in an apartment" for PM-ing friends? I might be in an apartment and still want to be messaged by my friends, or message them myself. If someone is busy, they can simply ignore a PM. I would not like this ability to be restricted because of location. And of course, it needs to be implemented first.
  7. Ahhhh, it feels impossible to choose just one! So, not necessarily in the order of preference, big series: 1. Terry Pratchett's Discworld!!!---smart, funny, complex and highly entertaining! 2. GGR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire---the TV show almost does it justice; the book is amazing, it feels so... raw and captivating! 3. Tolkien, yes. I liked The Silmarillion best of all (read it at least three times!), and then The Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit, sorry, not so much. I still have to read The Children of Hurin. I don't think I have enough time in this lifetime to tackle the Unfinished Tale
  8. Not something I usually listen to, but it's a PARTY, so of course I support the initiative!
  9. Oh, wow. This is beautiful and very sexy to watch! Thank for sharing, you two! And now I can only imagine what wild role-play must have been accompanying these wild images... *giggles and winks*
  10. Great party! Congrats Camden, you did a great job organizing it, and congrats to our DJs as well!
  11. Thank you so much Brun! You did show me, and, as I mentioned before... I kinda forgot. *blush* Especially the order of the invites. And Rochi---I wouldn't try all this maneuvering while in the mood, I'll have to learn it while calm and cool-headed first, and only then incorporate it. Stumbling around feels like a huge mood- and RP-killer to me. *giggles* That's why I need to learn it in advance! *smiles, pushes her glasses up her nose, and starts dilligently taking notes* Thank you to both, again! :*
  12. Rochi to the rescue, as always! <3 Thank you! Question: so the person who sends the two invites will end up in the middle? Or it depends based on which pose is selected?
  13. I wouldn't use either tatoos or piercings (but sure, do implement them for people who want them!), instead I'd really like to see more facial hair for men (at least a real, full beard!), and also body hair. I think it looks sexy in real life... *blush* AND make female avatars able to stand on the whole foot. Do you have any ideas how painful it is to be in high heels all the time, and walk on tip-toe even when barefoot??? *sighs*
  14. Ok people, these pictures are nice and all (and hot!), now can you please explain how it's done? *grins and battles her eyelashes* Pwetty pwease? Especially... uhm... the ones... involving at least one gentleman... *blush* Are all of them done through multiple invites? So out of three people, who invites who? Brun showed me how to get into the standing position, and I still can't remember the order of the invites.
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