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  1. so a question - i've bought time before for someone else and the codes didn't work before will this be the case again ?
  2. Gizmo get this guy on your team, goggogogo....
  3. Ok Frizbee; i will conclude and reiterate; there shan't be another response from me - i'll go back to being a lurker You say you checked your facts; although your original post asks why people are voting for customisation instead of "sorely lacking sexposes", when Gizmo had stated in an earlier thread that the poses and other clothing odds and ends would be classed as content that would regularly be pushed out; and that this was something on the side, somewhat "like an expansion in an mmo". If you regarded threesomes as sexposes; a misunderstanding took place because 3-somes would be a new fe
  4. I don't quite understand all this hate and anger in general. As for your response frizbeegod; gizmo states; in the linked thread at the start of this topic btw, that usual updates, including the "extremely lacking" are still going to be pushed out by the devs. so before going off on a rant, best to check any facts you missed. As for your comment about Bush; perhaps your response illustrates just why he was in for so long. direct quote; PS: I have not mentioned about a new sex poses, new hairstyles and clothing, because it refers to content. I want it to be added to the game on a regular ba
  5. Is this allowed?? I've had the urge a few times to RP in Local, though i've always thought that was frowned upon??? anyone wanna clear this up ?
  6. Stewie, you will be missed........
  7. Just curious; is this a slow month for updates? Or am i just expecting too much?
  8. Hmm, there are fewer, but those left, are the "best"; just find a few good ones, you run across a "newbie" show them the ropes open their eyes to the possibilities, that the animation is only the beginning- to build upon even just standing there. RP turns this good social experience into something truly memorable. then again there are those that just want the "fuck me" approach and thats ok but the potential this game has......
  9. May have been said already; but please please think about adding mirrors to the houses, pretty please Regards Krycek
  10. A well varied list guys/gals very nice to see some readers, and a few i haven't read too
  11. your worried huh on a more serious note, I have to agree with your experience, am bnew within the week too a bit over, and every thing you've mentioned i've thought. if your worried about mixing up forum and ingame; add your character to your profile details on the forum. My ingame name isn't bubbles89, just a different take on my usual online identity, anonymity ; As for longevity of this game, will be cancelling my trial $20 sub for the 6 monther, no second thoughts. so welcome
  12. Break out the xxxx fellas, bring on the Barnes.....
  13. wow, so many novels i haven't read....
  14. cant say that iv read ender series, though looking at them now, thats quite an extensive series. i might have a look after i read "the apprentice" series a guy at work suggested , knowing that i like high fantasy scifi novels Also am guilty i reading alot of the starwars eu in school
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