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    I love chat whit diferent people.
    I like make new friends , if u need a loyal friend add me and lets have fun together.

    Cheerleader is my life *o* -o* *o- *o*


    GO TEAM !!GOOO!!!

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  1. Kity

    Help!!!! >.<

    Hi... i did every thing u said but dont work... Like i loged in and enter in some room... and i cant change anymore for outter room like the button to chage map is not avalible... and whem i go character selection place the loading never ends... Pls someone help me...
  2. Kity

    Help!!!! >.<

    Hi... guys I enter the game normally and I select my character but when I walk into a room does not have anybody. is there anyone else with this problem?
  3. Im agree whit him or her... i dont see anyone of development team asking for us ( user ) and never help us in the game. Sorry but its true.
  5. If u put this on game guys i really loveit
  6. Kity

    Beach volleyball

    i up for the tournament... But we need some rewards
  7. Hiiii..... small fluffy teddy bear .... i love if i have one on game
  8. When its start? Now we have a shopping mall? Hihihi *O* yeeeeeep
  9. Kity

    Mood music

    Hi guys, yeah...i love this song. =^.^=
  10. Kity

    U Love shoes?

    Its perfect milla , i love it
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