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Update 24th June 2022

Added a Terrain Tool to the side. Its experimental
Fixed a bug in the Tree randomizer the rocks now are selected properly


Update 20th June 2022

Added a Text Tool to the side, now you can simply create text in different fonts.


For a long time now I use my self developed software to create assets for the World Editor.
Most of the time those little pieces of software helped me create things like a forest or some terrain, work that can take a while if you do it by hand 
Placing trees and such things can get frustrating if you copy paste them move around scale and rotate them to get a somewhat random look.

So I came to the idea to share those tools with the community, should be easy to use as by now and I will go on and put more tools on the page over time. 
Hope someone may find it useful in their next project.

If you find any bugs or maybe have a idea for a feature just leave a comment.


Happy building

Some examples:

2000 trees placed in a ring inner radius 100 outer radius 150 


Different tree and shape variant


Rocks in a square 


Palm trees in a square with a random scaling with up to 2 times the size of the default tree and random rotation


Rocks in a ring


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Added a experimental tool to the side, which generates terrain.
Unlike the trees this is not randomized in position, this placed rocks in a field you can select, 10 x 10 or 100 x 100 or what ever size you wish
rotates the rocks randomly scales them and places them in a set distance to each other

Caution with the size and length and width
In a area of 100 x 100 and a gap of 1 the tool places 10000 rocks 
Don't go over the top with this and crash 3DX with it. 


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4 hours ago, Halderim said:

Caution with the size and length and width
In a area of 100 x 100 and a gap of 1 the tool places 1000 rocks 

You mean 10000 rocks 😉 This represents a file size of almost 700kB.


It's a great tool. Thank you so much for sharing! 😊

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