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  1. Halderim, this is brilliant and thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us in the building community.
  2. Thank you for pointing that out. I knew I couldn't be the one to mention it, as the dissenters would just brush it off as me grasping at straws. But we are far from the only people to realize the unsubtle "hidden" meaning here. It really makes all the claims that "it's just a Star Wars meme" a complete joke.
  3. Astonishing that an entire thread is titled "shemales", a thread originally posted by @Lisa, no less. Okay, devs, since you (and 90% of the game) don't seem to realize this: "shemale" is a slur. It's not a cute way to say "trans girl"...it's a way for bigots to imply that we're men and it has historically been used to degrade and dehumanize us. This word should be no more acceptable than the n-word or any other derogatory language, and certainly shouldn't be used by the game devs (hopefully you've learned this since 2014 when you created this thread). On the same note, it's ridiculous that poses between cis male and trans female avatars are under a "bisexual" category. There is nothing bisexual about that. Once again, this implies that trans women are male. Pretty bad when the game itself is insulting us while supposedly having rules against such discriminatory behavior.
  4. You have nothing to apologize for, Lunarelf. What you are doing is awesome and we're all cheering for you.
  5. I've been experiencing a persistent bug for some time now with Gallery images. On occasion, an image thumbnail in a gallery (mine or others') is replaced with a thumbnail image from someone else's gallery. That, or the thumbnail just goes blank and reverts to the red question mark image. The image itself is usually fine (though in one case it won't load at all), it's typically only the thumbnail that screws up. Once this happens, it is permanent until the image is deleted and replaced. Here's an example. This isn't my gallery. Only the image on the right is the correct one. I have no idea whose gallery the other two images came from. I'm aware of the old bug with Kapersky and other programs causing images not to appear, and this certainly isn't that (and I'm pretty sure that isn't an issue anymore).
  6. What would really solve a lot of these issues is if we had the ability to selectively disable certain animations on certain objects. So, for instance, you could use that couch animation object, and just disable the animations that don't work for a single bed, keeping the ones that do. This would open up so many possibilities.
  7. @robinnyou are reading my mind. I've been intending to make these exact suggestions. I fully support this and I would love to see both of these ideas implemented, and possibly a search function for room names as well. Room navigation is something that desperately needs an upgrade, and all of these things would vastly improve it.
  8. I'm just positing here, but the lack of applications might be due to the scripted format of what you're proposing. This comes off less like roleplay and more like just a play (albeit an improv play). You have pre-filled roles, pre-determined backgrounds and personalities, and even pre-determined scenes that must play out. That's a lot of scripting. I can't speak for everyone, but personally I prefer to be the one in charge of my own RP decisions. Maybe if you loosened the strings a bit, you'd get more interested parties? I can't say for sure; I'm just guessing.
  9. It's been a fantastic run, but I'm sad to say that SXC has closed its doors...at least for now. This isn't necessarily goodbye forever; it's just no longer feasible to keep the room active 24/7. We are still a Vice City RP partner and may still open the college for occasional special events or a weekend now and then, but it won't be a constant presence. Our Discord server remains as active as ever. As always it is a community of wonderful people and a safe haven for everyone respects our rules and the dignity of others. Participation in our room has never been a requirement to be a part of our Discord community, and that hasn't changed. Feel free to drop in and meet some great fellow 3DX players, talk about your own room projects or find others' projects, talk about nerdy stuff, post art and funny memes, share your music interests, or just hang out with some fun people. https://discord.gg/DynkJwy
  10. Please, please, please change threesome poses so that every person involved must click Accept before the pose will start. This is basic consent here. It's bad enough that anyone can join a Partner group without the full consent of those already partnered. But the fact that only two of the partners need to want a given pose in order to force the third to accept is problematic at best. So this is really a two-part suggestion: When a third Partner is invited to a partnership, existing partners should also get a pop-up to Accept or Deny that new person. When a threesome pose is requested, require all partners to Accept before it is initiated. If any partner clicks Deny, the pose request should be cancelled. I know this has been asked for before, but maybe it needs another reminder that this something that is desired, and frankly something that is both ethical and practical. It's a win-win-win all around.
  11. It's official! We've opened the college as of today! Come on by and see the big changes!
  12. As promised, an announcement! Very soon, Slutmoore: Xtra Credit will be making a big change. Those of you RPing in the Vice City room may already have a notion about this, due to the highway sign there. Slutmoore High School is soon going to become Slutmoore College. The high school theme has always presented certain challenges and limitations. By shifting to a college format, students will no longer need to be strictly 18-year-olds, but characters of any age will be welcome. It also opens the campus more to non-students and non-staff to be present without seeming so out of place. To account for this change within the RP, a kind of "soft retcon" is being implemented in a way that won't actually disrupt any current RP. In brief, Slutmoore High School has been slowly transitioning to a college the entire school year, instituting some college-level courses, and even enrolling some older students on an experimental basis (allowing players who have always wished for their characters to be older to quietly retcon that in). This allows continuity to remain intact with minimal impact. We are presently making some big updates to the map to prepare for the new college format, and I expect to be launching within the next week or two. Stay tuned! Here are some teases of what's to cum...er...come!
  13. Yes, the players of this community are great! They're welcoming and supportive of one another. They appreciate our room rules, which include such terribly strict notions as "Be Civil" and "No Harassment". They enjoy having a place where they can feel safe from predators, colders, bullies, and trolls; where the rooms admins actively take a stand against those people. I won't engage further with this person's salty attempts to undermine a community of good people just trying to have fun with each other. As I suggested before: I assume anyone reading this has a mind of your own and can make your own judgements. If you like immersive RP and think a school environment would be fun, this could be the place for you. I encourage you to come check it out and decide for yourself.
  14. Sadly, there was some drama, it's true. A very toxic person who had a long and documented history of bullying and harassing people, to the point of pushing several into silence for fear of incurring their barbs and at least one right out of our community, was finally asked to leave after being given numerous chances to change their ways. Some people didn't like that, a few of them being pretty toxic themselves, so I can't say I miss them much. If protecting our community from a proven bully makes me authoritarian, I guess I'll wear that badge with pride. But the drama is over. The bully and their sycophants are gone. Things are settling down. You can listen to Xaero's bitter words, or you can come see the compassionate and warm people that chose to remain and restore our community to the welcoming and inclusive place it was always meant to be, and make your own judgement. We're on the verge of some big changes to our theme that will make SXC much more accessible and even more open and inclusive than ever before. I'll make an announcement about that soon with better specifics.
  15. It's a little risky, I know. But that's why we're pushing hard to build a community. I'm modeling it a lot on what I've seen done with the 69th Precinct map. Thank you for the praise, KimmyFox. It means the world to me. I very much want to honor what you created and I hope I can do it justice.
  16. I’m happy to announce the opening of Slutmoore: Xtra Credit (a.k.a. SXC). As many know, KimmyFox (aka TashaTight) has chosen to stop hosting her excellent Slutmoore High School, and was gracious enough to make it and its sister world, Slutdale, available for public download. We’re forever grateful for everything she did and the many, many hours of RP her hard work provided us. It is our hope that we can carry that torch forward and honor the spirit of what she started. Slutmoore: Xtra Credit builds on what came before it. The original map has been modified and expanded (hence, something “Xtra”). Most importantly, we are building a community of roleplayers around this particular iteration of Slutmoore, with a dedicated school faculty to provide consistency and planned class sessions. EDIT: As mentioned in a post below, SXC has gone through a big change! We are no longer a high school, but have shifted to a college format! The community was nearly universal in its desire for this change, and we feel this will make the school much more accessible and open to new RP possibilities. If you are interested in playing staff on SXC, join our Discord (see below) and fill out an application! We have many positions we are looking to fill. Get connected with the community on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/DynkJwy Our room Rules and Setting information can also be found online at: https://tinyurl.com/sxc-rules-and-setting Setting Overview Slutmoore: Xtra Credit is an RP Room. While we expect OOC shenanigans to occur, we expect the focus to be on high school roleplay. This Slutmoore is distinct from other Slutmoore rooms. The map has been customized, and we are nurturing a community around that map. While we absolutely welcome players from other Slutmoore rooms and fully encourage others to use KimmyFox’s map, we do not consider any RP that goes on in those maps to be "canon" in ours (excepting that which occurred on the original Slutmoore). Slutmoore is a small college, converted from what was previously a private high school. It is run by a mysterious (and powerful, if one believes the conspiracy theorists) Board of Governors that seem to prefer anonymity, communicating only with their chosen Headmaster. The school itself is renowned for academic excellence, with a long list of prestigious alumni. It also has a more quietly whispered reputation for some rather unorthodox goings-on within its walls; allegedly lewd relations between staff and students, and rampant sexual activity among the student body, even during its high school days. But somehow any evidence of these events, if they happened at all, never manages to surface in the press or with any government agencies. Some students live on campus in the dorms or the larger Swallow Hall, others live nearby and come to school each day. When it comes to actual living space, we practice suspension of disbelief, as there are only 12 beds available, and there are surely more than 12 students living on campus.
  17. Yes. Wisest words in this thread. The marriage system is pretty silly. 10,000 Xgold for a clickable name in your profile and a one-time animation...and a 5,000 Xgold requirement if things go bad or that person leaves the game and you want to move on. If marriage actually had some kind of tangible game benefit, maybe I could see the point. Otherwise, I can put someone's name in my profile all by myself. Let us define our own relationships, and if you want an actual marriage system we pay for, apply some game benefits to it. Maybe being able to jump straight to your partner's location (catch 'em cheating! Mwahahaha). Perhaps some special clothing options only available to married couples. At least give us a ring we can put on our finger! Maybe these aren't the best ideas, I dunno. Just brainstorming here. But make it worth it to spend the Xgold, which also makes Xgold itself more valuable.
  18. I loved seeing some masks get color options opened up. Could we please get color options unlocked on the St. Patrick's hat for females? Males get it, but females are stuck with the bright green. Maybe the witch's hat while we're at it. It would open up a lot of great fashion options. Thanks!
  19. I was going to post about this myself, but I saw this thread, so I'll just add my thoughts here. Okay...I know I'm gonna get mocked for this, and I probably deserve it. But the other day I was logged in for over 24 hours. I know, I know! I need to log out and go look at real people...maybe read a book or something. But I did it, let's move on. Anyhow, what frustrated me is that when I finally did log out, when I next logged in, my log-in reward had reset to 100 Xgold instead of the 300 I'd worked my way up to for logging in every day. I felt a bit cheated. I did not miss a day. If anything, I was super loyal to the point of ignoring my real life (cue the mockery). I'm not saying we should encourage people to stay logged in for 24 hours, but it hardly seems fair to punish them for it if it happens. It seems a better solution would be to just automatically apply the log-in reward to people who are logged in when the daily reset happens, so nobody gets whittled back down to a 100 Xgold reward after loyally logging in every day.
  20. You're calling people transphobes, yet turning around and using racial slurs and offensive language, then pulling the "I'm just playing/joking/chillin'" card. Please stop. You're painting the trans community in a very poor light right now. We have enough problems without your toxic vitriol picking fights where none existed. I had this exact issue, and got reports from others that did, too. It was pretty suspicious that both dropped simultaneously.
  21. Haha! I just realized how much it sounded like innuendo. I literally meant cookies! Though...I bet her "cookies" are pretty amazing, too.
  22. I get Paulanna cookies all the time! Nom nom!
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