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Valyrianas 3D Models for 3DX


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Nice work Valy.

There are some spec about poly number ? For a skirt or shoes how many poly ? Files format ?


Thank you

yes there are limits, for heels it is 400 triangles/200 quad poys per high heel. Files format? 3ds/Obj should always work.

texture size 512x512 and PBR metalic workflow is necessary as well! 


the skirt has 880 triangles and the mesh looks kinda like that:



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Excellent stuff Val!!!!


May I give an advice? Remove the YKK from the zips. I'm cooperating with that company iRL and they are nuts about their trademark. better not risk anything.

thanks, thats why its not YKK, its YKK3DX :P I wouldnt release it that way anyway but thanks you for your advice!

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Oh guys thanks for all your answers, but I wanted to let you know, I dont work for 3DX/Sex Game Devil or whatever. I tried to sell my designs and it didnt work so far but I dont give up.

2nd point is, that I just have the female model so far, so I couldnt even start to make male clothes, Lisa from 3DX just gave me the female model ^_^

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