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  1. You are not alone....Lots of innocent people getting banned. Maybe The Devs should have just said...." 6 month free subs to people that hand over the people providing free versions of 3DXChat" I am pretty sure they would have killed it of over night!!!
  2. Aye, i am not complaining about them having the system...they can do what they want its there game. But when we have all be talking about other games for years and suddenly we get banned for it....with no warning. That is just silly. Maybe a simple warning saying " This link will get you banned" please do not use it as a first and final warning....would have been helpful
  3. Ha, i searched the word "Ban" on the forums and it seems the search results shows private messages to Gizmo. You can not open them but you get to see the start of the messages. Forum Admin might want to check the sites search setting
  4. So it seems the Devs have implemented an auto ban system within 3DX that monitors your Chat in game and will ban you if you use words or links that the Devs do not want to see in game. Although i see this as a bad idea, because implementing a "big brother" attitude towards the player base will damage the games long term reputation...its not why I am posting this topic. It would be nice to know what topics/words/links the Devs are Banning people for!!! To implement a Ban system and not letting the Player base know what topics are off limits is not very smart as people are getting banned without knowing about the Ban system. Was it even announced in a patch update? I doubt the Devs will "let us know" whats off limits so if you know of anyone that been banned for using links/words perhaps you can let us know here in this topic so people can be "Informed" about what not to talk about in game. Alternatively there are many other Social platforms (Discords groups/Website that support 3DX) not controlled by the Devs you can let people know what topics are banned without fear some Auto ban system. Cheers
  5. If you are going to use a modz you should "copy & paste the default game folder (3DXChat) to a new folder called...well anything you like ,,,"Before you install the modz" You then use the new one for the Modz. Always keep a clean version of the game on your computer and use the copy for Modz. Inside the 3DXChat folder is a file called 3dxchat.exe click it and it will run the game thats in its folder.
  6. Can you tell us the Spec of your Laptop, also what graphic's setting you are using in game?
  7. I think the issues is that the editor resets the sea level to default every time you enter the editor.
  8. I believe one is a McLaren, perhaps a P1?
  9. Your Antivirus is stopping the Patcher.exe from running, Turn off your Antivirus or create an exception for the 3DX folder.
  10. Yeaahaa!!, I appeared in one of OLESYA'a video's. Great song choice too
  11. LOL, that's very funny. Surly that's a rare occurrence?
  12. I believe a patch for this can be found on the Mod forums.
  13. How about something we guys can wear....mens cloths in game get no love :/
  14. So i got bored after setting up our 4m x 2m LED screen at a local pub, SO i fighred I would see what 3DX looks like on a Big Screen https://imgur.com/a/yXu3K
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