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  1. Also, there was no links said, it was something about being together with me, but apparently one of the words they used put a forbidden phrase together. How am I supposed to talk to people without being terrified I will get banned for it?
  2. ANOTHER friend of mine has been banned for : Suspicious activity and the duration is actually just "?" What is going on, why have the bans suddenly gotten so flippant and random. Can we PLEASE stop this, you are going to KILL your playerbase if you just ban random people for a phrase sometimes not even related to the thing you are trying to incinerate. I ask 3dx staff for fair bans and account reviewing, context matters please.
  3. The pose in the middle, Bed FF Oral Vanished with this last patch. Just not there anymore. No one can use it in a FF context, unsure if all versions are gone or not.
  4. I understand certain keywords result in an instant ban, but can we at least have them go to a chat mute so the account can be looked at instead, or message with a warning so the user understands why its not smoothing to say. The chat system already removes whatever the link or words were, I myself was a victim of this auto ban, no warning, no mute, just a permanent ban I had to appeal. I don't know If I'll get in trouble for talking about the issue here as well, I think this response is a little too draconian in response. And may push people out of the community as they get mercilessly hit with bans for saying something they had no way of knowing if they were not aware it was instant ban, even if it is in the terms of service. I had to speak up, I love our community and I don't want its members being punished so harshly when we have other methods we could take. Tl;dr : Tone the instant chat bans down, mutes and removal of the links or words instead with warning messages. Also as a quick mention, not banned atm. Just a screenshot for proof that I was, delete this message if its against another TOS part I missed >;<
  5. I can actually stay in my own room for loooong periods of time now. This is the greatest gift ever bestowed on us, thanks guys~
  6. Oooo I can already tell the difference, hopefully I dont have any memory leak crashing with this. Thanks a ton you guys <3 <3
  7. World editor has changed 3dx, we cant go back. And I want to make stuff with the world editor to use with a pose editor to make some truly depraved stuff~
  8. Memory leak forces me to stay out of my room if i'm afk for a while and I have to constantly leave it every hour or so to reset the leak or the game crashes and kicks everyone.
  9. Oh I seen that before, sometimes in my room but never knew what was stretching
  10. Tienia

    Futa is OP

    Those damn futas, coming around and stealing our womens and mens
  11. DynamicHeapAllocator out of memory - Could not get memory for large allocation 1073741824! Could not allocate memory: System out of memory! Trying to allocate: 1073741824B with 16 alignment. MemoryLabel: Physics Allocation happend at: Line:168 in Memory overview
  12. Crash still happening 3DXChat.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module 3DXChat.exe at 0023:017b8bc0.
  13. The crashes only seem to get faster....this error needs to be addressed somehow. If I want afk for more than an hour, I have to leave my own room and that is very frustrating to know people are in a room without the host around.
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