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With all my sincere respect,
Dumbest idea ever.

This game is not a delivery app. Rating it bad if it reaches 1hrs late with your fries cold, or good if in time with crispy ones.

Your experience with a person isn't the same, than the one he/she could have with someone else.

Everyone has friends & enemies.  Even Hitler had friends

With that kind of mind set, be thankfull someone wanted to have some time with you.
What kind of score you believe you would have after a month? how many rooms would you be excluded from? Imagine the possibilites!

PD: To make it easy, if you dislike someone, the devs put in the game a button named "ignore" in the options. Check it, It works!

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* set my room limit  'not opening for player has higher sex ratings than ★★★☆☆'

yay, no more colders and monkes, only some "boring" ppl like me——who play this game as sims can enter my rooms and share the vibe now~

happy? That's something I can do  for high-sex-rated players based on this system: totally ignore all of them 🙂

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Sound like it would be used it a very negative way to me, while I wouldn't be opposed to something like being able to put some personal notes attached with a persons profile like you could in second life, I think such options should be for personal usages and views entirely, which isn't what I am feeling you're hinting at with this idea.

EDIT: However think ability to add stuff to room like common tag by host itself to let people know what kind of room their entering wouldn't be a bad idea, then if its trying to create a certain theme or be available to select target audiences Roleplaying room, specific fetishes, cold rooms or sexual orientations it would make it much more easy to navigate room list, while still maintaining some room title naming options that doesn't have to involve those tags. But think should be options solely in the hands of the room host to place.

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🇫🇷 Il y avait un système de notation des gens comme ça. Bon les étoiles existent toujours et on peut toujours noter les gens, mais cela n'a plus aucune incidence. C'est sur la Plateforme RLC. Selon le score que l'on avait, on avait un titre qui allait avec la barre "sexyness" : ça pouvait être : Vierge, Maitre du sexe, Dieu du sexe etc... Ce genres de trucs. Maintenant ils l'ont enlevés.
Selon que les gens vous ajoutaient en contact, ou vous retiraient, cela avait une incidence sur la barre Friendship aussi. Bon c'était un peu inutile.

Tout ceci est très inspiré Black Mirror, ou  Black Mirror s'est inspiré de ce qui commençait à se faire.
Personnellement, je déteste l'idée de noter des gens. Je le dis aux livreurs, quand ils viennent chez moi, ou aux gens que j'ai au téléphone dans les administration. Les conversations étant enregistrer, je dis clairement je suis satisfais ou pas du service, mais que je ne rentre pas dans ce système de notation. J'y suis farouchement opposé.

C'est une dérive, que j'estime grave, dans notre société. Cela existe déjà en Chine. Cela à déjà une incidence sur des gens, et selon leur scores, ils peuvent ou non prendre l'avion, et tout ce genres de choses. Je ne refuse une société comme ça, pour moi, mes enfants, ou mes petites enfants. Même en virtuel. C'est pas marrant.
On est noté, "classés" toute notre vie, depuis l'école primaire, afin de voir si l'on entre dans les "standards" et l'écrémage commence à ce moment là. On vous "classe." Si vous avez de bonnes notes, vous réussissez, si vous avez de mauvaises notes, ou vous vous débrouillez pour en avoir de meilleurs, ou vous serez sur le bord de la route, catalogué comme, incapable, ou inapte, ou fainéant.. Bref autant d'adjectif péjoratif. Sauf que. Il faut bien savoir et se rendre compte, c'est que quelqu'un qui a de mauvaises notes à l'école, n'est pas forcément inapte, pas instruit, pas éduqué, stupide, qui ne peut pas apprendre. C'est tout simplement le système, qui ne lui convient pas et qui, peut ne pas être adapté à ses besoins.

En effet, vous avez plein d'enfants surdoués, par exemple, qui se retrouvent en échec scolaire, parce que le système scolaire, tel qu'on le connait n'est pas adapté et qu'ils doivent être dans une autre structure, adapté à leurs besoins afin qu'ils soient plus épanouis.
Ce sont autant de choses qui font, que je ne veux pas noter des gens. C'est pas mon boulot. Je ne vais pas foutre une étoile à quelqu'un, juste parce que ce jour là, elle n'aura pas pu assurer telle ou telle chose, parce qu'il y a des jours avec, et des jours sans dans la vie. Des jours où ça va, et des jours où on a moins la forme. Je ne vais pas pénaliser quelqu'un, ni mettre ce genre d'épée de Damoclès sur la tête de gens.

C'est une idée, absurde, stupide, ségrégationniste, qui peut être discriminante, calomniante, ET j'irais même plus loin en ajoutant, dangereuse, et qui va tendre créer des disparités et de la division au sein de la communauté virtuelle. 👎😠


🇺🇸 There used to be a rating system for people like that. Well, the stars still exist and you can still rate people, but it doesn't have any impact anymore. It's on the RLC platform.Depending on the score we had, we had a title that went with the "sexyness" bar: it could be : Virgin, Sex Master, Sex God etc... That kind of stuff. Now they took it away.
Depending on whether people were adding you in contact, or removing you, it affected the Friendship bar as well. So that was a little bit useless.

This is all very Black Mirror inspired, or Black Mirror was inspired by what was starting to happen.
I personally hate the idea of rating people. I say it to delivery people when they come to my house, or to people I talk to on the phone in administration. The conversations being recorded, I say clearly that I am satisfied or not with the service, but that I do not fit into this rating system. I am strongly opposed to it.

It is a drift, that I consider serious, in our society. It already exists in China. It's already affecting people, and depending on their scores, they may or may not fly, and all that kind of stuff. I don't want a society like that, for me, my children, or my grandchildren. Even virtually. It's not fun.
We are graded, "ranked" all our lives, since elementary school, to see if we fit the "standards" and the skimming begins at that point. You are "graded." If you get good grades, you succeed, if you get bad grades, you either manage to get better ones, or you'll be on the side of the road, labeled as, incapable, or unfit, or lazy.. In short, so many pejorative adjectives. Except that. You have to know and realize that someone who has bad grades at school is not necessarily unfit, not educated, stupid, who can not learn. It is simply the system, which does not suit him and which may not be adapted to his needs.

Indeed, you have many gifted children, for example, who find themselves failing at school, because the school system, as we know it, is not adapted and they need to be in another structure, adapted to their needs so that they can be more fulfilled.
These are all things that make me not want to grade people. It's not my job. I'm not going to give someone a star just because they couldn't do something that day, because there are days with and days without in life. There are days when you're fine, and days when you're not. I'm not going to penalize anyone, or put this kind of sword of Damocles on people's heads.

It's an absurd, stupid, segregationist idea, which can be discriminating, slanderous, AND I would even go further and add, dangerous, and will tend to create disparities and division within the virtual community. 👎😠

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Really? What's the point of that, I wonder? For you to show off how great you are based on ratings? Besides, what would make them legit, anyway? You could easily get some friends and all of you could give a negative score to someone you hate. Or you could get all your friends to give you a positive score, working out in your favor. It could all be manipulated to serve some purpose or another. Not to mention people already rate others based on their experiences sometimes, anyway. The difference is, they keep it to themselves... usually.

And what's the point of these "no low-rated people allowed" rooms? If you don't want someone in your room, you can simply block them. Why go to such lengths just to prevent certain people to access a certain place, when it's all within a click's reach?  

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On 11/8/2022 at 9:03 PM, kixandstix72 said:

Add a feature where you can rate your partners in a few different categories (eg sexuality, descriptive ability, kinkiness, etc).    This score would add into an overall rating; then certain rooms could be "off-limits" to those with low ratings or open to those with ratings in a certain category.

Clearly you need to watch the "Black Mirror" Nosedive episode on Netflix. You just nailed it perfectly.

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On 11/10/2022 at 5:52 PM, BellaGirl said:

Clearly you need to watch the "Black Mirror" Nosedive episode on Netflix. You just nailed it perfectly.

🇫🇷Oui, mais ce système de notations avec des étoiles, très très bien décrit dans Black Mirror, existait déjà bien avant.
Imagies que je suis sur RLC depuis 2010 et ça existait déjà. Bon, sur RLC, cela n'a jamais eut aucune influence de noter des gens. Aucun impacte significatif.
Le fait de noter un profil, ou des photos, c'est une sorte d'appréciation, mais c'est surtout un moyens de gagner de la monnaie virtuelle sur cette plateforme, (0.10 rays par profile, 0.05 rays par photo un truc comme ça, par jour).
Autrement ça ne sert strictement à rien et n'influence en rien ton expérience utilisateur. Mais bon, c'est parce qu'ils l'avaient conçu comme ça à l'époque.
Alors sur ton profile régulier il y avait différentes barres, qui montraient le niveau de différentes catégories quand tu étais noté, ou tes photos, ou si quelqu'un t'ajoutait ou te retirait de sa liste de contacts. Le temps que tu passais dans la plateforme, si tu "Um" avec quelqu'un dans la plateforme, lol Ce genres de choses. Cela a été retiré. Cela a été retiré.
Ils ont fait un profile plus moderne, mais très peu l'utilisent et ces barres sont visibles. C'était juste sur le profile, il faut bien le comprendre. Cela n'avait aucun impacte dans la plateforme elle-même et personne ne se préoccupait de ça.


🇺🇸 Yes, but this star rating system, very well described in Black Mirror, already existed long before.
Imagine that I have been following RLC since 2010 and it already existed. Well, on RLC, it never had any influence to rate people. No significant impact.
Rating a profile, or photos, is a kind of appreciation, but it's mostly a way to earn virtual currency on this platform, (0.10 rays per profile, 0.05 rays per photo or something like that, per day).
Otherwise it's strictly useless and doesn't influence your user experience at all. But that's because they designed it that way back then.
So on your regular profile there were different bars, which showed the level of different categories when you were rated, or your photos, or if someone added you or removed you from their contact list. How long you were in the platform, if you were "Um" with someone in the platform, lol Those kinds of things. That was removed.  That's been removed.
They made a more modern profile, but very few use it and those bars are visible. It was just on the profile, you have to understand that. It had no impact on the platform itself and nobody cared about that.

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The problem I have with this Khallum was this "Off-limits" idea from lower ratings, that's impactful. Kinda like in Nosedive where one guy gets grumpy and gives her one star dropping her ratings just because he's having a lousy day. Or imagine a group of friends ganging up using this as a bully tactic against you over and over to drop your overall ratings. Maybe you turn someone down and they're upset you won't have sex with them. This list goes on and on. It's just a bad idea, enough said.

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20 hours ago, BellaGirl said:

The problem I have with this Khallum was this "Off-limits" idea from lower ratings, that's impactful. Kinda like in Nosedive where one guy gets grumpy and gives her one star dropping her ratings just because he's having a lousy day. Or imagine a group of friends ganging up using this as a bully tactic against you over and over to drop your overall ratings. Maybe you turn someone down and they're upset you won't have sex with them. This list goes on and on. It's just a bad idea, enough said.

🇫🇷 Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi. Je n'aime pas du tout, ce système non plus. Je n'aime pas du tout cette idée, de noter son partenaire, ses amis, ou des gens en général. C'est une belle idée de merde.
C'est un système dangeureux.


🇺🇸 I totally agree with you. I don't like it at all, this system either. I don't like this idea at all, to rate your partner, your friends, or people in general. It's a beautiful, shitty idea.
It's a dangerous system.

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