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Constant connexion lost

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my dear @Gizmo . I have smth fo you    

They DID have an attack. They kept us informed. This alone is an improvement from past issues and I, for one, and grateful for that gesture.  They know we pay for the game.  They know we love this gam

This is long overdue. There're now extra people creating nice, new content... why not someone to fix the hot mess of bugs, glitches and so on that are being ignored? Stable game = happy subscribe

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I am also having this exact issue back to back after the 4 days attack, so add another day to that even more if not investigated... not at all happy!!!! . I am able to load my home and be stable when alone but as soon as i invite someone i loose connection. Any public room forget it , the room loads fast i see one at best two others then the dreaded red disconnect.

I know being located in Australia should not matter but might help investigate who are those having issues. Please look into this URGENTLY!!!!


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This is getting really annoying. The only reason I'm willing to tolerate the repeated problems the game seems to have is because when it's working, it's the best game of its genre around. Hopefully our techie types can solve the problem, put it behind them and get on with making the game even better!

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