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  1. ahh when you could no longer PM off the WC... ok i umderstand. thank you so much Alex
  2. I have tried to send PMs to people who are not on my FL. or know of cases of someone else doing it. But i do not get the message saying the user is offline. Are they getting the messages? does anyone know? and if they arent, is there a way to get a pm to them? Anyone else ever wonder or have any idea why this is happening?
  3. Everyone around the world will be dancing in the streets!!!!!
  4. Unable to log in. Guess I have to deal with real life today!!! See you all soon
  5. is to me. i am losing connection the minute i log in
  6. I scream getting matched up with T9s in my paper thin T7s. going back to seal club in T4s LOL👿
  7. Maybe you are the reason i was 1-6 in world of warships?
  8. maybe we can all go to Michigan. protest the protesters who are protesting the protest protesting the protesters? or something like that. if we all stay 6 feet apart, we might be able to occupy a public restroom and start a glory hole club
  9. relax everyone. overall the place is pretty stable. CHILL OUT
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