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  1. can you just check ur recycle bin for the deleted download?
  2. yes worked for me too, all clothes, jewelry, hats and glasses. WHEW
  3. ahh when you could no longer PM off the WC... ok i umderstand. thank you so much Alex
  4. I have tried to send PMs to people who are not on my FL. or know of cases of someone else doing it. But i do not get the message saying the user is offline. Are they getting the messages? does anyone know? and if they arent, is there a way to get a pm to them? Anyone else ever wonder or have any idea why this is happening?
  5. Everyone around the world will be dancing in the streets!!!!!
  6. Unable to log in. Guess I have to deal with real life today!!! See you all soon
  7. is to me. i am losing connection the minute i log in
  8. I scream getting matched up with T9s in my paper thin T7s. going back to seal club in T4s LOL
  9. Maybe you are the reason i was 1-6 in world of warships?
  10. maybe we can all go to Michigan. protest the protesters who are protesting the protest protesting the protesters? or something like that. if we all stay 6 feet apart, we might be able to occupy a public restroom and start a glory hole club
  11. relax everyone. overall the place is pretty stable. CHILL OUT
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