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whow, now that was fast... BUT could u pls do me a favour and also do

a version in japanese, french, russian and ofc also in german, lol, naugty u  :D aka voicetranslaton AND AND AND also add subtitles mhmmmm n maybe just exactly about 41, or 42 sexs, aeh, secs shorter?! that would be sooooo awesome n great... ty in advance


edit/ps: also a red/green colourblind version would come in handy i guess, know n think!!!



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lol, ur mad?!^^ #ILLindahead!!? and #hey1.0: i'm only kiddn ofc... what else^^ ...and by the way:

good idea - ill also tribute 10k xgold... as a small thank you 4 a good version or per chapter or, or, or...
...just havnt got the time at all atm

*thank you gif pig aeh pic*

1st 10k gold going 2 U xanar, but... aehm, i could also pay with sex instead

or my older sis, once shes out of jail this weekend... couldnt I? save money n so!! :blink::D:wacko: :P :ph34r:

nearly bursts out laughing and

ofc, again, what else... kiddn blah^^ maybe - maybe not... one just nev0r knows | suddenly, shortly

out of the middle of nowhere: a evilsh n devilsh laughter appears

muhahahaaaaaaaaaa HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA </meooouuw mietz>
and dissapears as fast as it came "here" with 1 or with 2 ss's to where "it"

came from... or not into n from this topic n forum again, but back 2 there, where

(omg, good thing 4 all of us, that i 4Got n hashtag #eminem #styleLike #just #lostmyself #@thispoint)





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what da fuk, ash too!?!? i must have i missed that vor lauter lauter joking, kiddn, spoilerm n wastn precious lifetime -  i killed half of my freakn fukn post ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahn no, seemed like :D :angry: well, saved evrybodies or #spoilercklickers #livetime cause that spoilerrabbitholwe went 2 deep, bit was a joke^^ regie-room?! can we pls cut that out!? wat we're live? ofc, wtf else^^ ok 4get it #caughs so well then a supa quick quicky for ash too, lol, come on peeps, really... pfffffft ...a quick ty also ofc too and yes ik, abbey will do the sexpart prob^^ aeh, job on ash :lol: runs, ducks, takes cover 2 make a gif n quickly #divesout #ofthe #forum #again


Both xanars and ashs when he is done should be stickied or whatever

probably, job and all ryhmes on rob...aehm bro2.0 [ash's tut vid] #!? did i miss something, somewhere... somehow!? lol, grrrrrrr chaos, piano, maybe read n type a lill slower now n today?! much appreciated^^ chill tika, but yes, aehm thx... actually i wasnt evn here in the forum n i only clean up here sometimes n after parties n 4that have entrance n drinks free^^


now u, or one maybe knows why - i sometimes often n ofc jokingly say n said: no matter wat bro or sis, no matter wat: n just incase:





:o #selfreport #2beDeleted | #maybe #maybenot :ph34r: #guesNbet@whoKnows-bedNbet.cum  :lol: 

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Very nicely done Xanar.


P.s. you forgot to do the standard YouTuber closing. “If you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button. If you like this content be sure to check out my Patreon. Pledge just $5 a month and I will send a Xanar bobble head with sound effects! ‘Oh baby! This is DJ Xanar’, ‘schnelle schnelle!’. ”. You can have that idea for free :lol:

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