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  2. Figured I’d give a sign of life. Greetings from the Coast. Stay safe out there!
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  3. Pussy Riot hosts a FUNKTASTIC three hours, this Sunday. Get on down with MC's @Mulan, Muffin Pie and @Animay and enjoy some Funky Felines! Quote
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  4. Kinda agree with that, probably nice for creators to have something to go by. Way it was worded "Thanks you for trying" followed by "I like the designs of many things" To me at least says it's probably not everything that would pass the bar among the items, so maybe would be nice if people who actually wanna contribute with things to have solid examples or guide parameters for what meets the standard for it being included into the game?
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  5. Pussy Riot hosts a FUNKTASTIC three hours, this Sunday. Get on down with MC's @Mulan, Muffin Pie and @Animay and enjoy some Funky Felines!
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  6. Nice motivational speech ... this need to inspire those who are trying to give a little plus to the developers ... even if they are players !!! No need some extra rookie help to this amazing developing/updating work...
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  7. Xizi

    About new clothes I'll make

    What about these panties? Do they meet the quality standard of the game? I am sorry, I am not trying to be offensive or anything, but honestly at this point I just don't understand this logic... I mean some of the stuff you are adding looks very good, but its hard to say that game visually a perfection, it has some clothes-related glitches that are not getting fixed for years long, but in the same time you're for some reason not allowing some pretty cool looking stuff from players...
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  8. Can you give us an example of a model that meets the required quality? And what are the essential points?
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  9. Torax

    Launching 3DXChat Directory

    Hello everyone! There is so many people here around doing great stuff for the community. So I am trying to create a directory, so people can find in one place a dj, a builder, a dance group, a discord bot, or anything that could be helpful. If you are interested to join, please follow the link below! If you think you new categories should be added, let me know as well! Everyone is welcome! https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/3dxchatdirectory/ If you have suggestions, please let me know too! Have a good one!
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  10. Silvio

    Yamis's days

    Wishes of nice weekend dear friends and unknowns.
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  12. Figured I’d show a sign of life in this diary for once. Can’t have people thinking I’m gone, now can we? Got a chance to poke my head into 3DX via laptop last weekend. My connection sucked so couldn’t stay long, but even in the short amount of time the number of ‘Happy to see you Dee!’ PM’s was slightly overwhelming. But lifted my spirits greatly. I’m still stuck at a place where privacy to log onto 3DX is nonexistent. But I am keeping in touch. I ain’t gone, no matter what. Y’all take care and stay safe out there ya hear?
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  13. Wow the room list has sure grown bigger since I was last here! Makes it hard to find a specific room or room host player, so how about this idea which would help you navigate the list in the "For All" section... 1. Add a drop-down selector at the top of the page to sort the room list under the "For All" section by: a) Host name b) Room name c) Number of players in room d) Length of time room has been online. Promoted rooms could still appear the top of the list .... ?? 2. Add a "filter" box where you can type in a Host's name or room name (or any part thereof) and it would filter the list to show only matching rooms. This would make it so much easier to find a specific room you like to visit rather than scrolling and scrolling. This should be fairly easy feature to add imho To take this idea to another level (and not as necessary as the above idea), I could see adding a "Category" field that the room host sets when she/he shares it for public access where a single "Category" can be selected from a fixed list such as "Dance Clubs", "Role Play Rooms", "Sex Rooms", "Themed Rooms", "Event Rooms", etc. and that would cause the list to be organized under those categories. If no Category is selected that's ok too, it would show up under an "Uncategorized" group of rooms. You would not want to have user-defined Categories of course otherwise the list would become unmanageable, so would need to put some thought and get player input as to the list of Categories What do you all think?
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  14. I've recently been banned for suspicious activity. This ban is forever and I don't know what I did for the ban, I tried to contact support since the details are so vague and they continue tell me that my ban is forever without adding any context to my ban. I really have no clue to what I did, I know some bans can be issued if certain games are talked about but I have no memory of doing something like that. The fact that there has been now way of getting any other details of this been as been has been very disappointing to a customer of three years.
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