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  1. I agree that some dad bods would be awesome. But M-Preg is also a kink lol. There have to be at least a few out there. We got everything else kink wise, so why not eh?
  2. Derai


    Fair enough
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    Love the images, but aren't they more something for the Art, Images and Movies section of the forum? Not sure how this image gallery relates to Roleplay ^^
  4. If the slider idea is to complicated for them to add to the existing code. Maybe have the bellies as a kind of 'accessory' that 'deforms' the skin mesh to appear to have said bellies in increasing sizes? Same result, but added onto the existing models, and not changing the base model.
  5. Yeah that’s what most do. Would just be a little quality of life thing if I could be spared of having to see the nonsense in WC whenever I close a tab or leave a room. Or when I log in. In the grand scope of things it’s minor, but just like having a grain of sand in your shoe, minor things can annoy.
  6. While that is true, due to the way Local Chat is separated, removing WC would rob the main World Chat ‘personalities’ of their platform. If they ‘invade’ some Room to spout their nonsense, the room host can kick them. Not to mention that the sheer number of rooms will make it less likely for any given player to encounter one of these ‘personalities’. Still, it’s over complicating it. Just a simple Opt Out of WC would work wonders.
  7. True, but then you have to wait for the other player to click accept. Which is the polite way but if you are in a hurry and don’t care, just hugging them is faster ^^
  8. There's another way to jump to a location. Needs a piece of furniture as the destination though. - Flycam to the Furniture or Pose marker where you want to go. - Click the object to open the menu for pose selections. (But do not select anything yet, keep the menu open) - Return the camera to your avatar with F5, and Cuddle or Kiss anyone near you. - While the animation of the Kiss or Cuddle plays out, select a pose from the menu you still had open. If you got the timing right, your avatar will snap to the furniture or pose location when the Kiss or Cuddle animation ends.
  9. As MeiLing said. You do that on your account page at BMT Micro, and should be as easy as changing the old Credit Card number for the new ones.
  10. Lets regale y'all with a tale of why I find 3DX to be so goddamn engaging and FUN to walk around in. Lately I've started to hang out at a place called the Masturbation Club, not quite for the activity the name suggests, but mostly because it tickling my voyeur and exhibitionist kink. Had some lewd fun in there at times, but yesterday was special. Scene is this, the Club has a rule about having to be naked (No wonder I like it eh?) So I'm lounging about on a couch there, watching folks have their fun, idly scanning profiles when a dude pokes me about something in mine. I check his profile and spot an interesting pic that seems kind of out of place in 3DX, namely a formation of Army helicopters in a field. I comment on it and the conversation flows from there. Long story short, at the end of it when the guy had to leave I realized I had just spent the better part of 2 hours, laying naked across a equally naked dude, discussing US Army Aviation... You just can't make that up if you tried. Situations like these, two people meeting in such a lewd setting and then ending up talking about mundane things. That, is what gets me every time. That, is what I love about 3DX. Anyway, just a little anecdote to share with y'all. Take care and stay awesome!
  11. I think people do occasionally do these things in real life, but out here they take months or years to develop. 3DX is Real Life on fast forward in some ways.
  12. Sometimes I wonder how long it would take for someone to be banned, if they instead of spewing the usual bigoted bullshit WC is now know for. They instead started advertising competitors of this game, or just start insulting the Devs. I have a sneaking suspicion those people would get banned much much faster than someone yelling racist or transphobic slogans in chat. Makes you think, doesn't it?
  13. More likely is that all 10 will tell you to fuck off for randomly asking about their sexual preferences on the street. But (pun not intended) jokes aside, even if it’s only 10%, on a game like 3DX that has by its own admission “Several Thousand” subscribers. This small percentage is a lot of people. So Anal will and should stay a part of the options presented to us. I only wish they’d mark the poses with it better. Some Anal poses are mixed in with Vaginal ones and that gets awkward.
  14. Welcome to the forums. And I agree that the mood shifted. But it has shifted in the past, and is bound to shift again in the future. And as for rekindling the humor, that would be nice indeed. See ya around.
  15. That’s the running theme in all of these threads and on the official Discord. The response time from Support is measured in Months by this point. It’s ridiculous. And bugs just get ignored. The game ain’t dead, but you wouldn’t be wrong to assume it is from the way the Developer is just refusing to communicate.
  16. I think not even the Devs can fix those. Fresco and the other public rooms are Unity Store downloads, I think they’re mostly single objects. IE the stairs are part of the building. And can’t be changed.
  17. But don’t grant me strength. Or I’ll need bail money to go with it.
  18. I agree, nothing we say can change anything. It’s basically just venting and bitching about it by this point.
  19. I think part of the issue is that World Chat and the dumpster fire it has been for years, is a glaring symptom of a bigger issue. And that is the Developers not caring, or at least not seeming to care what happens to their game. Rules are great, but also meaningless if not enforced. And the same thing with giving the players the options to regulate what they can see. (I.E. World Chat toggle) Nothing is done except some token statements every few years. But nothing concrete. They announced there would be a Word Filter on the Room Lists a year ago or so. Nothing done about it. The list goes on and on, and World Chat is just the most visible aspect of that Lack of Interest by the Devs in their own game.
  20. Even if they deleted every single .world file on their machine, when they open the Editor ingame the server tries to load in a corrupted save. And promptly crashes. They need to ask Support to roll back the room saved on the Server Side.
  21. You are disgustingly optimistic and I love ya for it. Well said though.
  22. You touch on a good point here. And recently someone I talked to made a good analogy about part of this. They said: “Think of it this way, the hate in World Chat is like finding a Swastika painted on a wall. Or a ‘Kill all Jews’ or a ‘All Muslims must go’ graffitied on a building. The owner of the building would want to remove that as fast as possible, or else people might think they actually agree with what is written there. Or they just don’t care. Either way, it’s a bad look” I think they’re on to something there. And I don’t blame you for walking away.
  23. Like a little counter in the corner of the Room List. Total players online: XXXX That would be kinda neat to be honest.
  24. I would like it. Sorry to say, from personal experience in Star Trek Online where such a system existed in the form of a Auto-Mute after a certain player was Reported X amount of time. This WILL be abused. There are plenty of big Entertainer Groups, often with members running multiple accounts that would LOVE this system to systematically mute and harass members of other groups.
  25. I fully agree with your point. World Chat IS a useful feature. IF it was moderated and those trolls kept in check. The Devs so far have been completely unable or Unwilling to do that. Leaving World Chat as a breeding ground for hate, bigotry and the like. So, when the Devs are unwilling to even do a token effort to curb that frustrating cesspool of hate, people look for the next best thing. And that is to just avoid it. Which we also Can't, because of the way the game is designed. There is no way to get to the good parts of the game, without first getting exposed to the filth that is World Chat nowadays.
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