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  1. One way I could see this working was if the 'mirror' was actually a giant block filling the room. Objects have no texture from the inside out, so if you figure out a way to get your avatar INTO the mirror block, you can look out of it and see no texture. But on the other side of the 'window' you see the outside of the 'mirror' block. Now with the Teleports, you can just 'fake' the door and maybe teleport into the big block? Maybe?
  2. Many years ago my Mother once complained about the work that went into preparing the food for the lavish traditional Christmas dinner. Grandpa heard that and decided to get a catering service to do it instead. As he agreed that cooking for nearly 30 people was a bit much to ask. One year though it went wrong. Catering failed to deliver and out of desperation and by cashing in some favors we ended up having Christmas dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. The next year Grandpa just rented a few tables at the same restaurant and a new tradition was born. Decades went by and each Christmas the family gathered at a Chinese restaurant. The first restaurant went out of business but a new one was found. And another and another. The place changed but the tradition remained. Another thing that changed was the amount of seats needed. 30 became 20, 20 became 10, 10 became 5. 5 became 4. And at some point it’ll become 3 and then 2. Maybe even 1. Christmas dinner for me, is a happy time. But it comes with a profound sense of loss. A sense of longing for the times past. All the lights in the world can’t brighten the shadows cast by empty seats. No amount of cheerful music is going to replace the laughter of a full table. And yes. That table can be filled again with friends. Friendly faces and cheerful smiles. But I’ll always see those that sat there in years past. Maybe I’m stuck in that past. Maybe. I just miss it. Miss them. Christmas is a time for longing. Cherished memories of my loved ones. Making new memories with friends will never fully fill that hole. But it’ll do. I’ll be alright. I’m not alone. I have a world at my fingertips and hearts from beyond cherishing me. I cherish those connections and conversations. Doesn’t need to be Christmas for those, but they do help lighten the darker days. That is my Christmas spirit. And my wish to all of you. Find your lights. Cherish them. They won’t last forever but they will forever be with you.
  3. Almost Christmas, and I can’t wait. For it to be over and done with. I love that people like Christmas. Love how happy folks are. Like the decorations people come up with. But for every mention of curling up in front of the fireplace with a hot drink and a loved one. There is the knowledge that it’s cold and dark outside. For every mention of cherishing family and friends. There is the reminder about those who have been lost. Christmas cheer is bittersweet. We celebrate the light. But that reminds us of the dark. I much rather walk outside in the light and heat. Fireplaces and hot drinks are fun. But I much rather lounge in the warm sun. Oh well. Just a few more days. Be safe and Merry Christmas.
  4. This right here. Is like me saying: “It’s easy to break my neighbors window and steal his TV, there’s no guilt in this.” It doesn’t matter if the projects differ now. One is built on Stolen property. So it’s understandable if the original owner is upset and bans those that use his stolen property.
  5. Normally no. But if that other game is a stolen copy of your own game. Then it’s justified that you punish those who support it. Your friend got caught on a Discord that supposedly supported the stolen version, and I can understand Gizmo banning her for that. If she hadn’t been there, she wouldn’t have been banned. In the end though, who Gizmo bans is up to him. And honestly? What are you trying to achieve here? You really think people are going to join you in some boycott of the game in order to reverse the ban for someone they don’t even know, or give a single fuck about? Good luck… You’re gonna need it…
  6. Just looking at this from an outside perspective. Someone who I’ve never even heard about, got banned. And now one of her(?) friends spams the forums in a hissy fit. My guess is that within a few days all these threads you made are deleted. And everyone in 3DX will go about their days without a care in the world. The more you spam and threaten, the less people will care. You’re just noise at that point. And easily forgotten. Again, your anger might be justified, but you’re probably not going to find what you want here.
  7. Spamming the whole forum like you are doing now is just going to get yourself banned and all these posts deleted. I understand you are upset and angry, but you are not really gaining support by spamming like this.
  8. She always posts them in the wrong sections. She’s gotten used to them being moved for her. I think she just picks forum pages at random to post. Lol.
  9. Been home with the flu the last week, so I had more time to wander around 3DX. Much fun was had, and some things stood out. In no particular order: A guy complimented me on having the sexual energy of a 25 year old in the hottest 40 years old cougar body he ever saw. Another guy was a bit perturbed about me giggling when he revealed a lack of understanding with regards to female biology. (No dude, your dick isn’t going inside my womb any time soon) A girl didn’t like me dancing naked on a stage so close to her boyfriend. (I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I remember doing much more than dancing with the dude at some point…) Met a girl who while being very adamant about being straight (!!!) in her profile, still couldn’t help stare at my ass all night, and just had to grope and spank it a few times. (Guess the spaghetti meme is right. Everything is straight, till you get it wet…) In closing a notable quote: “Dee! You broke my husband!” Anyhow! Laters! And stay safe out there!
  10. You forgot about the 50% Covid Discount, but to be honest I think the discounted price is far better suited for what we get for it. Not sure if 3DX is worth the 20 per Month in the state it’s in currently.
  11. I saw another game like 3DX once where if you didn’t pay, all genitalia got pixelated and censored. Full uncensored visuals only with a subscription. So yeah.
  12. They can’t handle going onto Steam. Not without a significant investment in manpower and hardware at the very least. A game on Steam ideally needs active support and someone monitoring it for outages and other disruptions of service. That said, in an hypothetical scenario of 3DX being on Steam, I could see the benefits. Room downloads as Workshop content for example.
  13. Cats. Just. Cats. There’s a reason I’m a dog person. Haha. Seriously though. Sorry to hear ya losing something.
  14. Derai

    Yamis's days

    You are closer then you might think. Topics like the ones in that forum thread, go beyond what we can See, Feel and Touch. At some point in the back and forth, you get to the point where "I know." becomes "I believe" And when that point comes, Rational Thought, becomes hard. Irrational Emotions and Beliefs get mixed in. And that's when a discussion can become an argument, and temperament sparks. Rational thought goes out the window, and just 'winning' the argument becomes important. That was my failure there.
  15. *sees activity in this thread* ”Oh shit here we go again….” Just kidding. Good catch on them fixing the typo though, kind of makes me wonder if the print was ‘home made’ by the devs and not part of a pre-made asset pack. Typo fix suggests the former.
  16. They look more painted on then the other ones, true.
  17. Have to admit though, I was confused when people in Chat where mentioning 'Booty Jeans' as that sent me looking for new cut-offs, but it seems these full length jeans are 'Booty Jeans' too? Or am I confusing something?
  18. There’s nothing wrong with labels as long as you don’t go out of your way to put one above another. Just because you like vanilla pudding over strawberry doesn’t mean you should be scorned for it. When you start spitting into anyone’s cup just because they’re having strawberry. Then you’re doing it wrong. You’re free to like whoever and whatever you want. But always remember that they’re as free as you are. Or in the way I’ve been chuckling about all morning:
  19. Try having one of your dogs ‘helpfully’ lick your toes when you’re distracted and right there on the edge. It scared the hell out of me and I’m lucky my Frenchies are built like little tanks. Because I quite literally launched her a meter backwards by spasming my leg in fright. Lesson learned on both sides. They stay away now, and I put my legs up where they can’t reach. >.<
  20. Just sharing this here, because this is what it’s all about. https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_qocg691W3P1y5ijoq.mp4 Hm, embedding failed, but it still works.
  21. Monday is here again but I can look back on a good weekend. Met @Silvio on Friday. (Edit, I messed up. Met him on Thursday. Remembered it wrong. But still! The meeting stuck with me so mentioning it fits!) Saturday saw me logging in very late in my night to find something to scratch a certain itch. And in frustration with not finding someone or something I went with what I call a ‘hamburger’ Low effort, low satisfaction encounter with some random dude in a random room. He didn’t even know about purple text for crying out loud. While this sad affair was playing out a friend of mine poked me and I felt caught. Caught in a way like being caught spooning peanut butter straight from the jar because of a craving. Or being caught picking some buds out of an ashtray to scrounge together one whole cigarette. Awkward you know? But the feeling passed and after the random got sent on his merry way, I had a nice cuddle with that friend and went to bed nicely relaxed. Maybe not satisfied sexually but relaxed nonetheless. Because I didn’t actually craved the sex at that point. I just craved meaningful interaction with someone. They somehow felt that and provided it with some laughs about the awkward encounter before and just some fun small talk until my fatigue set in and allowed me to sleep. Sunday saw me get poked by @Nektarand we hung out at a club they recommended. Alas the lap dance I was getting got interrupted by real life distractions (on both sides funny enough) But it was fun chatting ‘face to face’ for once. Later that night I met another fun guy, one who saw me sitting at a RP hangout and politely asked some pointers about RP etiquette and what to expect. I more than happily acknowledged those questions and a nice chat ensued. So yeah. All in all? It was a good weekend!
  22. This is so relatable. I can’t even count the number of random hookups that followed the exact same script. Chat a bit, flirt, some innuendo, clothes come off, maybe a bit of making out, then a blowjob, possibly some oral in response, then the true sex and you can tell that they pick the poses for visual appeal. Not for how they would feel irl. On the flipside, I get complimented for going ‘off script’ and keeping it real. Sometimes I don’t want to go through all the hoops, sometimes I just want to jump their bones and get bent over a table or chair. Sometimes I might not want to be fucked at all, but I still want them to cum, so mouth and hand is all they get. And that’s not even mentioning my primal fetish, that will leave my partner in a well fucked puddle, scratched to hell and with my teeth marks all over their shoulders. So yeah. I know what you mean.
  23. Isn't that still on the default silent beach? It used to be 'behind' spawn. If you zone in, turn around and walk through the 'tunnel' the net is on the beach there. At least it used to be... Been ages since I was there.
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