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  1. Ah yes. But the point remains. It would be a minor thing to change? No?
  2. The thing is that all parties in the Threesome get the Accept / Deny pop up for the pose, the system only requires 2 Accepts. It can not be that hard to change it to need 3 accepts. Not coding savvy but this feels like it’s changing a 2 to a 3 in one line of code somewhere. The partners being added mid sex is rude. Had it happen to me a few times in random orgy rooms. Always makes me stop everything and just walk away. But even then I agree that a confirmation pop up is a good idea.
  3. The way it works now. If you Ignore someone in your room, you stop seeing each other. But they can remain in your room for as long as they desire. (Or until you close it.) If they Leave your room though, they cannot return because they can no longer see your room listed in the Room List. A simple easy solution would be to program it that if you get ignored in a room by the host. it simply shunts you back to Wardrobe as if the room closed. That is a function the game already has, kind of. Just link the 'Move to Wardrobe on Room Close' to the Ignore button. That would in essence make Ignore, a Kick Button with minimal adjustment to the code. (afaik)
  4. Fair enough, but in this specific case, he's full of shit. I don't know how much MY word counts, but trust me on this one. The Kicking 'Hack' he shows, is fake.
  5. He faked it I was IN that room a minute before he filmed that, in PM with 3 of the names shown. NONE DC'd He just turned off the names
  6. Wasn't the whole switch to 64bits also to prevent stuff like this happening?
  7. Your app doesn't actually Report the US Shard going down does it? Last night people using USA got booted every 5 minutes, yet EU folks where fine.
  8. My prediction. This thread will be deleted and they’re gonna pretend it never happened. That said. Why the fuck would anyone Hack this game. If you find an issue. Report it. Don’t go abusing it like some douche.
  9. Why is it insane? It’s a simple discussion about a feature in a ‘game’ people like? Welcome to the Internet, you must be new here.
  10. Anyone care to tell me what I’m actually looking at here? How is this proof of hacking and not just a server glitch or something?
  11. Those little moments when you realize there is good in the bad. Even though they might seem hypocritical or iffy at first. Corona measures meaning my sector manager at work can’t just wander into my workplace as she used to. Leaving me more time to slack off and indulge in my internet addiction. Said internet addiction leading me to stay up way to long at home, leading to sleep deprivation. But! Also leading to me connecting with people and finding meaningful conversations and friendships. Friendships turning out to be false as people try to make me pick sides. Leading to me finding out things I’ve missed in other relationships. Making Those bonds stronger as others that became toxic fade away. Feeling people fade away from me, but with distance realizing that I was to close to long to see the faults and cracks in their facade. My own facade breaking when new people find cracks and wiggle a root of friendship into them. Letting it blossom into a field of flowery prose and shared delights. Life is good. Life is bad. Life is Life. And I’m alive to experience it. That counts.
  12. Not disagreeing with you here, reckon I misread your statement about the whole discussion being pointless as having included all points made, which included the talk about Sorting options. My bad. You are right on the time spent too. In 3DX a blowjob takes about half that time if done properly. 5 hours is nothing. 5 days, that is grounds for mild complaining. 5 weeks, now we're talking.
  13. Well said. We need Quality of Life options. Period.
  14. People will discus and talk about everything at length. Some will type out Business manifestos for fun, running their group like a company. Some will just open a room and ask their friends to come hang out. Some will just get lucky and have a nice room and a nice mix they downloaded from Youtube and have a blast with the folks that trickle in. To each their own. That said, some quality of life improvements in the Room List like a sorting menu would be nice. Just saying.
  15. I see ORKY! Love it! And the spider looks creepy cute too!
  16. That's what the 'none' setting would be for. To just have it like it is now. In your metric here, you forget to factor in one thing though. Namely that -everyone- in the room can Boost it. Some room hosts never once boost themselves, but they just keep getting boosted by those that enter and want to 'praise' the room. A fixed timer, would basically mean that within the time set, everyone that Boosts the room, wasted 300 Gold for no return. Or do you mean that once a room is Boosted the function is greyed out for everyone in the WHOLE game for X amount of time? Because that would mean a lot of communication between the server and the clients afaik.
  17. They did say there would be issues for a day. But is it only 3DX? Have you tried if it’s not your comp in general?
  18. Oh come on you two. Don’t derail the thread even further. I know I may have started it again by quoting Jade but please don’t go into the childish back and forth thing again.
  19. No need for more lists. Just give us a little Top down menu for sorting options. - Number of players - Room Age - None And added to this, maybe make it a toggle in options to display rooms hosted by people on your FL in a different color.
  20. Holy shit, that made me inhale coffee. LOL
  21. Not to mention yourself that is gonna have to pay the Guys to get laid. And even then get none. Because no self respecting person would dip their stick in crazy. I don’t know why you keep saying it would lead to paid sex. I’d never charge gold for fucking anyhow, and I literally know no one (RL girls or Guys playing Girl Avis) that would Sell themselves. On topic though, gold transfer ain’t a bad thing. But at the moment it’s pointless as there’s nothing to Buy with the gold anyway. As for the Devs being slow, it sucks, sure. But it is what we’re used to by now. ps: Jade, pick an account and stick with it, getting tired of having to Block each new one you make.
  22. Haven’t been writing much lately. Been running on to little sleep for to long. Still am if I’m honest. But can’t help myself. Been having FUN in 3DX of late though. Knocked it out of the Park DJ’ing for one of the BCA events. Found out I literally have a Fan out there. It’s humbling to find out someone genuinely and honestly Loves things you do. Now others have said those things over the years. But not in this adorable intensity. Haven’t been on my Derai Avi for a bit though. Made an Roleplaying Alt, and been playing on the Slutmoore map every day. The drama from before has been smoothed over, I apologized for how I said some things. And they met me halfway and apologized for their behavior and responses. I think that’s what should happen. Both sides willing to step down from their soap boxes and just agree to disagree on things. live and let live. But damn that’s hard at times. But anyhow I’m rambling on again. TL;DR, Life’s good.
  23. Voted yet again. I do wonder if ya ever got any feedback from the Devs on previous polls...
  24. There is no Keyboard control. No WASD No Arrow Keys Nothing
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