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Posted 08 January 2018 - 12:34 PM

DJ Etiquette
If you don't like the tunes  don't be an ass and try to make a scene in the room trying to diss someone who has taken the time and effort to do the mixxing and streaming stuff that costs money.   just perform a UDJI and leave.    UDJI = Ultimate DJ Insult
You only  show your own arrogance and childishness by making a point that most will probably NOT appreciate or agree to.  Not everyone likes the same genres.
And DJ's, don't be spewing your shit over mic trying to bolster you own insecurity and ego by blathering over the tunes.  and if you try to sing you  def not show professionalism and   appreciation for the artists tune you are spinning
If DJ's are in an event they should stay in the event and hear the other DJ's sets and support them and support the gig.    I saw a DJ once that spun and then went and opened a competing room after her gig cause she was all butt hurt because she didn't get the entire hour alloted to her
Stay within the limits of your time slot.    trim tunes in order to do so and have additional tunes incase the following DJ has stream issues
Before streaming, have your  stream running and tested and looping just prior to the transition so it is  seamless.  Provide a countdown  just before the last tune so the next DJ can be starting  precisely  so there are now gaps.   
A room host should NOT press play until the normal end of the song.   I use the Windows mixer to switch to 3DX sounds to hear the tunes everyone else is.   There is a 10 to 20 second lag   from your puter to the 3DX radio so start your stream at 20 seconds tp end and the room host will switch  when  the song ends and it should be seamless.  Transitions are a fine art and should be practiced and mastered to  prove mastery and professionalism.
after your set leave the Group chat that the host has set up so that you don't bother the coordination of the time slots and transitions,   The room hostess should have a group chat running ONLY for DJ's to aid transitions and coordination of streams
and while on the subject of Group chats,  It is extremely rude to be in a  group chat  blathering away and  not allow others to see your witty repartee.   It excludes others and is  offensive to the others in the room trying to keep local chat lively.  It is gang behavior and so constitutes thuggery.  perhaps a separate  diary entry is  warranted here.  My 4th divorce was due to a group chat  going on excluding my bestie who was  hosting the room.

First, if people want to use voice on a DJ set, then let them. If it is done well then it is a nice personal touch, in fact some of my favourite DJs in 3DX use voice.

Second, I think you are getting overly caught up in stuff like transitions between DJs. I never came to 3DX expecting to hear perfect professional DJs and perfect event planning. With experience, party planners and DJs get better at transitions and keeping events to time, but it is not worth losing sleep over. Some people want to just turn on their stream and play their favourite songs for an hours, and then you have the hobbyists who do things like beat matching, DJ drops and perfect sets that last 1 hour and seamlessly transition into the next DJ. Both have a place in 3DX. The thing that gets to me is when you have the “more pro” DJs and event planners being condescending towards the DJ who doesn’t care about all the nuances and just wants to play music.

Scheduling Partys.   
it is hard not to conflict with other events already scheduled but please check forums before scheduling an event  There are sooo many DJ's now and the cadre should be professional and NOT  try to confict with others trying to have a good time.  I remember a NOW defunct group that did that on purpose tio try to diminis room numbers.   OX was led by a tyrant that thought his shit didn't stink and every one left him cause he caused soo  much drama and disdain for him and the members of the group.   be nice .  do unto others as you would have do unto you.  or something like that.   
Communications is key to us all having fun.  Leave arrogance in the real world
when scheduling a party in forums it is good to  post the DJ lineup and time slots so  it is understood how long the event will lasy so that it provides no conflictions

I agree that if you arrange events with the sole purpose of disrupting another event, then that is a dick move. However, you have to be careful not to jump to conclusions about people’s motives. An event that happened at the same time could have been planned before, and when you have an event with a few DJs then it is not as simple as just changing the date and time on a dime. Also, events can happily happen side by side. I have never understood why there is these stupid rivalries and bickering.

Lastly, you seem to have a lot of animosity towards OX and Lussian. I don’t have any ties to or affiliation with either, in fact I never hear about either anymore other than rumours. So maybe just let things go and move on?

TLDR; just have fun.
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