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afraid to post due to the fear of exposure 



got a bunch of entries now so ill put an index here to the more lucid info  for them that want to know stuff.  


post 16 - Wedding  ceremonies   August 29  ,  2017

post 23 - more wedding stuff

post 63 - Wedding Chapels I have available


post 19 - formula for successful rooms and parties

post 24 - Greeting


post 27 - thoughts on DJ Licensing


Page 3

post 57  - DJ Etiquette - basic considerations

Post 75 -  DJ Etiquette -running overtime in partys and events 


Post 59  -  Scheduling events and partys


Post 60 - IMVU pics -  sooo many outfits and heels and TATTOO's WOO HOO


Page 4

Post 63  Wedding Chapels I have available

Post 75 -  DJ Etiquette - running overtime in partys and events

Post 12-7-2020 - problems with DJ group chat

Page 4 Post 2-21-2022     help for noob dudes



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Guest Rickster

Don't be afraid Lisa... you are allowed to post everything you want to post. 


Many ppl try to judge about others because of their postings. And there are "special ppl" who wants to report ppl for their postings. 


The forum is like the chat for having fun and for interacting with like-minded ppl. It's like reallife, you will always have ppl who don't like you and otherwise.


Try to ignore them and everything will be fine.


I wish you a great time in here and in chat.


Have fun and stay kinky!

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Don't be afraid Lisa... you are allowed to post everything you want to post. 


Many ppl try to judge about others because of their postings. And there are "special ppl" who wants to report ppl for their postings. 


The forum is like the chat for having fun and for interacting with like-minded ppl. It's like reallife, you will always have ppl who don't like you and otherwise.


Try to ignore them and everything will be fine.


I wish you a great time in here and in chat.


Have fun and stay kinky!

No "Next topic please" this time?

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Guest Rickster

No "Next topic please" this time?

Ted my friend, not this time. The person behind LisaFelicia doesn't seem to be a pompous person and I have a good day. So everything is OK.  ;)


Joking aside...
I don't want anyone to be afraid of something in chat / forum has especially not about what you can write or not.
But yes, we all have to live with the reactions we get on our postings. Thanks for the hint!  :)
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afraid to post due to the fear of exposure

That's almost like saying you're worried about going to the beach in 3DXChat in case you get sunburnt ;)


Having said that, if you are concerned, don't follow Youtube links as the owner can see your IP address and any official mod on the forum (if there are still any) can also see your IP address when you posted. There are probably other instances too

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i was on here as OOlisa and eventually got banned and my diary wiped  cause i mentioned nicknames names and games tooo close to people who are mean and create drama.  No formal full names but i revealed some truth they didn't like and when people get exposed for their  mindfuk game they get upset.   When the words are nonsensical they tend to laugh it off but when it reveals the truth they get all butt hurt  because they are exposed for the stooges they are.   so i must have gotten reported.


~waits to get banned again~

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dont be like TedTheMechanic  who is afraid to go to ban the person above you thread because we always spank him  post all you want Lisa


It's not the spanking he needs to worry about, it's the whip in your picture. The spanking would just be the Hors d'oeuvre, I fear. And I do mean 'fear'

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OK im still here.  just got out of a 20 day marraige so i been busy.   was totes devoted to the guy.  He is an awesome DJ and i learned alot from him about DJing and mixing.     20 days is a  success for me.   


First marriage was 3 hours.  I m sure she did NOT expect me to accept LOL.   


Second marriage was 10 days. It was to another decent DJ that i grew with here in 3DXland .   we had fun for months before tying the knot .  That dynamic didn't work because his friends disrespected me and i  was upset and he did not see how they had made me feel bad.   one of his friends sang a song in his native tongue about fukking him   in front of the Pool party we were at and it embarrassed the fuk out of me.  I may have over reacted and but he got butt hurts about me not taking her disrespect so i divorce him and gave him his freedom.  He was also  under control of the psychopath here in 3DXland  who coached him with tests to prove my existence.   which i passed but he kept making it more and more what i did NOT come here for.


Fortunately i am a loner.   A lone wolf although that whole Lycan shit has harshed me on that paradigm.   so lets just stay with Wild pony,  Untamed,  Uncontrollable, Unfettered and Unencumbered by alliances and complications and attachments.   i used to fuk noobs like crazy cause it was fun and i liked to ruin them for any others with my  mad skillz  LOL


my sharks were legendary and let me  remember who i had ruined.   Good gift   for the new peeps.   

also paint can  for when the sprayed me with mancream ~giggles~  fukking is fun but gets old after a few years.   seduction is a fine art that i had  honed to perfection as an escort in IMVU where i got rich as fuk.  probably never get married again cause i was using it as an opportunity to become famous as a DJ.   i liked being married but  i had unfulfilled expectaions that harshed me with  the ones i married.



So it can work out   this last one has been 8 month, he pursued me, he got me and now im the luckiest girl in all 3DXland my  man, My king, Koke


update Dec 8, 2018   been 15 months now and still going strong

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Marraiges here in 3DXland


I am officially ordained as a priestess and although marriages here are virtual,  i try to provide a semblance of   the joy and passion of the union that marriage brings to the environment here.  it can be a  fun and wondrous thing to be married.  but it can also ruin a good friendship unless ground rules are established to cement the events and hook ups that invariable happen here.    I can perform many denominations of ceremonies.   The  one presented her is my simple ceremony and takes only a few minutes.  i sometime  do it in Pink text to differentiate it from the normal flow of conversation.


some simple rules to follow are  for the one accepting to NOT accept immediately so that pictures can be taken.    once the ring is accepted they kiss and the should NOT break the kiss for awhile as everyone  applauds and congratulations are offered.  The petals fall during the kiss and STOP once the kiss is broken.


I can  play wedding songs and usually stop after about 30 minutes and people have gotten seated.   The words then go in silence (not tunes) normally.  Doing the ceremony in pink text is a nice touch.   i then restart my stream  with tunes until another DJ takes over the  spinning.  moving to another room for  the reception is   good OR a new room is loaded while i open my room for an interim place to hang until a new room is loaded.


Officiant and  partners should be in group chat so the flow and info goes smoothly.   no others need be there unless  maid of honor, etc have  cues and need to sync the flow or actions.    I need to be prompted to contnue after VOWS usually  so there is no big dead space.   Sometimes special tunes are played during  processional and vows. no problem.


Simple Wedding Ceremony::::::::::


person1, person2

Thank you all for coming.  Please all have a seat and we can begin.
We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, the joining of two hearts and to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love,
and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite this couple in marriage.
Today we have come together to witness the joining of these two lives. For them, out of the routine of ordinary life, the extraordinary has happened. T
They met each other, fell in love and are finalizing it with their wedding.
A good marriage must be created. It is never being too old to hold hands.
It's remembering to say I love you every day and it is not just marrying the right person its being the right partner.
They will now exchange Vows
participants words
(group chat to prompt completion of vows for  partner and me to continue the flow of the ceremony)
I DO's
do you take Person2 to be your Married Partner for life?  Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her,
forsaking all others and holding only onto her?  Until death or account deletion?
Person2 ,
do you take Person1 to be your Married Partner for life?  Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her,
forsaking all others and holding only onto her?  Until death or account deletion?
Wedding rings are an unbroken circle of love, signifying to all the union of this couple in marraige
Prepare your cameras peeps ^,^
Please exchange the rings
(acceptor holds off a bit so people can take pics)
(once accepted i continue while they kiss and petals fall,   
By the power vested in me  I now pronounce you wife and wife
You may kiss
I present to you  the happy couple!!!!!!!!  Person1 and Person2
(here i usually start up stream again and people stand and clap)
(kissing continues for more pics and words of congratulations from  people)
I can add more words or trim and add foreign  versions if desired.
i have done wiccan and hindu and jewish wedding as well.  and can also do the words in other languages or include other languages at the same time.













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Custom Rooms


There are many really cool rooms i have seen and lately they have gotten more elaborate and detailed as tools have com out for building.   An entire Modz forum exits for such endeavers.


be careful in  getting too detailed and  elaborate as it can cause lag such that people with sucky computers cannot enter and enjoy your prowess.   Rooms should be places to hang out and have fun and not a demonstration of ones skillz.  Here are a few i have seen.   The huge cocks are mine LOL


I was furtive when first building and it does take time but it is very satisfying and should be attempted eventually. 


Using others creations just speak LAME and shows  a singular lack of concern for expressing oneself.  It room should be a window to the soul and show creativity of the  owner.  I can understand with all have time pressures that prevent us from building our own rooms but come on,     do you really want to use another's room and look lame?   I have been told to enter my cock room in the competition and many have asked to help  make it better  by me  giving them the .DAT file and letting them have at it for a bit.  NOT gonna happen and i won't enter the room in  the competition because you have to submit the files.


If one has skiils you do NOT need 3rd party tools  like the room builder to line up stuff.  It speakes lame skills and small misalignments and flaws are actualy showing cherecter and effort.  I get sooo harshed by all the round rooms now especially when the have domes that make navigsation painful and difficult.   cracks me up when sheeple aplaud the fancy rooms like that and then go walkabout bashing their brains into the walls cause they flycammed out and clicked a wall feature



















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Successful  rooms formula:


There are many factors that control the success of rooms.  There are also many measures of success depending on what you want .  I have had  what i consider success with fewer than 10 people in  my room.    Chat in local is sometimes a measure and not just room attendance numbers.   Quality instead of quantity  is  always satisfying  to enhance your  3DX experience All things go into the  equation and these few steps are ones i have shared with others and also are  a compendium of suggestions and help i received as a noob DJ starting out, (loves mi irish lass sensei).  Many have helped me learn and grow  and i cannot thank them enough for  watching out for me having my back.  


The  following  list is in order of  importance  but not necessarily  cast in stone.  sometimes i stop greeting when the room gets big and i can't read the names as peeps crowd the   spawn point.   the list comes from the statistics I have  gathered in  my year of DJing and observing


1.   Keeping the room name on top of the For You list.

   First order.   MOST important for high  numbers.   Be  prepared with lots of gold to keep it at the top and top it occasionally  or constantly depending on the room you  are contending  with.

   I love a good topping war but don't be too greedy,    I have been iggied by  owners of competing rooms because i pissed them off so severely and harshed their room numbers LOL  

   it is also fun when a freind has  a good room and  you  take turns topping  someones room.   saves gold and allows both rooms to get numbers.

   It is a statistics game  and people  here seem to always  go to the top room first.  It is just the way it is. Some will wade through the names looking  for specific room types but   this is not  the norm  for the general populace.


2.   Greet People. 

   Say Hi or hello or welcome AND their name. This works wonders making people feel included in the  scene.   They will stay if they are recognized and like the  tunes and the calibre of the people in the room.   so many are left out of the clubs  and cliques and gangs here.  It is sad to see  and true many here are   damaged and broken and probably should NOT be breathing my air but a concerted effort to make people feel comfortable and included is never a bad thing.

An added benefit  to greeting is that people who are focussed on Local Chat Blatherings suddenly see the name of a bestie or freind and can also greet making for more exciting associations and involvement.    someday I will create an AVI named Greeter 


3.  Having  a room name to reflect the purpose of the room.

Colds OK or Not,  Dance,Chill,   special fetish  scenes etc.   Be consistent with your tunes.    If you  are using radio.....  go suck adog


4.  Easy accessible   room

So many rooms are full of stuff and complicated to navigate.   LAG is caused by too many  lights and items associated with movement. Do NOT try to impress and show off.  Keep It   Simple,Silly  KISS     it becomes no one and people will NOT stay if it takes forever to load or move around.      Complicated  threshold transitions take time to learn and there are  many ways to get over a room boundary threshold leaving some moon walking and getting frustrated.    Inside rooms are  especially  damning due to the difficulty to fly cam out and see where  dafuq you are.    I spun a room once with a light house and navigation was soooo difficult i got pissed cause i could not find the way to get to the DJ decks LOL... Major fukked up room for a noob experience.


5. Advertise  in World   Chat

 A nice  advertisement   to  Copy  Paste is nice as long as you do NOT post tooo much.     Once every 50 lines of World Chat Blather between ads is a minimum or you look desperate and lame.    Make it Simple and easy to  read.


6.   Spam  your Friend   list with the advertisement


A colleague taught me this one and it works great especially when you DJ an event along with other DJ's.       Do  Not be dissaponted if they do not show or do not respond.




burnt out now  more to follow

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having fun is why we are all here.   doesn't need repeating.  its a fukking game.  no one  plays a game that isn't fun.   even the ones that try to use guilt and  sadness to try to manipulate your heart strings are doing that because they are in their comfort zone making you want to pity them.   honor their blatherings  and don't be mean.   Love to watch the  craziness on WC when some people get nuts about something.  Yes i have lots of popcorn and laff so hard when people cry like babies.   They are doing what they want and that should be fine to people,  Thick Pixels and a stone heart make this  place tolerable.  compassion and caring should be reserved to ones who deserve eet.   i do not understand why people aren't fukking more in a  sex game and would rather emote their opinions like i give a fuk about what they think LOL

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Fun guide lines would take notes, however you forgot the most important thing, once in the room, to HAVE FUN. Fact is this is supposed to be fun. All parties can become memorable events if the host, the guests and the Djs are all having fun. 


if everyone is having fun yes i guess the event would be fun

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I officiated a double ceremony recently and it was fun.   A few things went wrong which prompts me to post this entry.   It all comes down to planning and organizing and rehearsing with plenty of time before the event LOL.   There should be an organizer responsible to make decisions and organize the event.  A focal point for the  smooth flow of timing and actions.   the organizer/wedding planner should work closely with the bride or groom  to make sure everything as as THEY want it because it is THEIR special day.   working with the matron of honor as also a good thing  as she can take on many of the  organization and schedule of the participants for the rehearsal and event advertising.

having bridesmaids and'or groomsmen in matching outfits is a nice tough  but can be problematic if the colors are not easy to select for people.


Organizing activities should include:


1.securing a room    ceremony, alter, chapel  the room should be big enough to accomodate enough people but not too big or it looks lame.       Lines for the bridesmaids  and groomsmen to stand on  all army like makes for great wedding pics.   pads for the two partners to stand on and face each other also helps facilitate the positioning.     the comfy chairs are good cause many attendees have partners to  sit with.     Make sure the room is easy to navigate in so peeps don't get frustrated and it takes forever to get all the butts in the seats


2.  securing a reception room -  if it is attached to the chapel is best so people don't have to go elsewhere after the ceremony, many may decide to not come to reception OR many will attend the reception instead of the wedding LOL.   I have seen separate reception rooms work well for some

hard call to make


3.  Advertising -   An announcement in Events forum is good  or a poster in your profile pics that you can also send to  all friends as an invitation.   A poster is nice and you can put it up in your profile so your friends can see it and plan.  Not everyone gets on Forums to see whats going on.


4. Rehearsal -     a good time to get colors   for all the brides maids and grooms men to get coordinated/   a few days before is best time to do the rehearsal as it usually takes 2 to 3 times longer than the ceremony.  Its also a good time to familiarize everyone with the room layout and know where the DJ stand and Radio is.   I have seen people load unfamiliar rooms and did not know where the radio was for the DJ's links


5.  time of the event should be solid and agreed by all.  Check forums events so you don't conflict with other pre-advertised partys


6.  Photographer - this is  an option that gets overlooked many times.  The bride is  usually tooo busy to remember to take pics  so enlisting a  friend or some profesional to take pictures0  is   worthwhile to get  the kind of  pics you want to put in your gallery 

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Greeting during a DJ party


I mentioned this before in Post 19 but i can't stress how important it is.  


Having a greeter at a party is a very important aspect for a fun party.  Its also one of the most grueling of jobs for someone to support a successful party. 


Greeting people as they come in makes them feel important and included in the scene.   there are sooo many lonely people here despite the thousands that play.  It is so hard to break into the gangs and cliques that tend to alienate and exclude them that don't fit in or have the mindset for blatherings.


It also serves to alert others watching Local Chat who is entering so they don't have to watch the spawn point. so many times i have welcomed someone and a host of peeps will also then say hi to signify recognition.


When to greet is always a problem to know because many just pop in and poof.   Once they start moving is always a good time to say "Welcome " because it shows they are active and  interested in the room and party.


When organizing a party, ask many to be a greeter because it really wears on one person after an hour.  Taking turns   keeps greeters  active and the spelling them taking turns lets everyone have some fun time. 


Also,  greeting it keeps Local active so the party doesn't seem dead   

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Seven Tenets


1. One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.


2. The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.


3  Ones body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone.


4. The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend.  To willfully and unjustly encroach upon freedom of another is to forgo your own.


5  Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world.  We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.


6.  People are fallible.  If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused.


7. Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought.   The spirit of compassion, wisdom,and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

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