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  1. We used to have porn movies on the in-game tv sets so of course it is possible here. Did they ever say why they dispensed with it?
  2. Sorry, Phoenixsong, you are not correct. If you said "most people" instead of "everyone," I might agree with you. However, for a start, I was away from the game for fifteen months but still read the forum regularly (and contributed), mainly because I was interested in WE. I might never have come back. It was only a supposedly cheap rate for re-subscribing that tempted me and the chance to do some building. I know of at least five other people who continue to read the forum (and talk to me and occasionally contribute) but no longer play the game, mainly people who switched to Second Life or other games but who still wish to stay in touch. Why wouldn't they? Unlike the game, it doesn't cost anything to join and participate in the forum. You're welcome to have an opinion but, as Plato said, "opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance."
  3. No matter what you think about Second Life... I have pictures (that I uploaded) on the walls - been asking here for years. I have moving (venetian) blinds - asked for years ago. I have more jewelry than I know what to do with - I have three necklaces here and a few weird things for my wrists. I don't ever change my tattoos but there are a million and one to choose from - none here. I can watch TV wherever I go - we lost it here years ago, never to return. There is nothing difficult about the above. So, either Unity can't support them (lol!) or the devs are just not capable of implementing them.
  4. Lovely Yvonny and, considering how all these other games, that people feel are so inferior to 3DXChat, have the ability to apply them, you have to wonder why it is so difficult for the devs here to implement them.
  5. Rockster said... "I've been asking for tatts and piercings for two and a half years." We were well ahead of you (at least for tattoos) This thread is almost four years old... http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/1692-3dx-characters-with-tattoos/
  6. I guess I'm not a "good player" as, despite the fact that I invariably provide some graphics for my suggestions (and have even had a "like" from Gizmo occasionally), I don't think that any of those suggestions have ever been implemented in four and a half years.
  7. Personally, I think they are just trying to save time in the future, when they only have to color it yellow (oh, and add a new button too)
  8. There is commentary on this in another thread Leopardus. Apparently that button only exists when you are in-game and a patch occurs.
  9. If you read the full thread and the appropriate links, it may help you understand
  10. Akiko, I had the same problem on my relatively new (at the time) Acer laptop and, in my case, it related to onboard Intel graphics that were no longer supported under WIndows 10. I first noticed it in Second Life and, fortunately, someone has provided a Firestorm 32-bit version that resolved the problem but then 3DXChat did an update and the same problem occurred with it. There is nothing you can do with 3DXChat. I just don't bother to use my laptop any more for the game. See my post here (from almost two years ago) in the original thread and I have a link to those graphics that have a problem. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/5025-sky/?p=225780
  11. Rhet said... "Chill out. Lisa already responded about this." Oh? What? An apology? - no What? A quick fix? - no What? An update implementation date? - no Quite the response
  12. Oh my god! She's alive! Let's hope the next patch is in a few minutes!
  13. Allie said... "Dont ask fo anyting coz hell go shopping with his 2 Dolla in pocket and buy us some 480 X 240 nipples tha look like 4 pixels and try to BS us into tinking eets an upgrade. Infact Gizmo dunn be updating tha game anymore coz ya destroying eet. Roll back ya BUM Patch!" There have been so many complaints about this shit that I have run out of likes so I had to quote you Allie... and sorry to those others on this thread that I haven't been able to "like" (especially Alivia because not only are my nips sensitive, I'm sensitive about them and the areolas).
  14. I get the impression from in-game chat, Robi, that the problem is with the use of the dll. Reinstall the game or go back to the original dll.
  15. Yvonny, they darkened areolas too. At least give us the option to shade areolas and pubes, if not full color option.
  16. Perhaps it is just a normal day at the beach. I go there so rarely, I don't know.
  17. Cordelia


    Forget it, I'm an idiot. what I thought was originally a cylinder was actually a dish
  18. An x-ray machine at xLeopardQueenx's "Paradise" room...
  19. I thought the slap was going to be used as a response to colds. Pity.
  20. Well, If you could scale and bake, as I have suggested before, it would resolve the problems. They seem pretty basic functions to me... to scale a pattern and, once applied, bake it on so that, when the object moves, the pattern remains the same.
  21. I'm confused Maxx. It's easy enough to figure out where you got the poster from (although, from their home page not so obvious) but whatever happened to using the forum or, for that matter, Telegram?
  22. As THX says, it is all about the Benjamins. The only way they can accomplish this (more income) is to draw more subscribers and the only way they can draw more subscribers is with more content. In Second Life, apart from the fact that you can live for free and take advantage of "staggering amounts" of free content, with the lower (than here) annual subscription you get a weekly payback that is sufficient to buy loads of content at sale prices. And, of course, if you want more inworld finance, you can buy it. OK, so you come here to escape from real life but we already have differences in play between those who can afford annual subscriptions and those who can't. We also have differences in play between those who can build, those who can be bothered to spend the time to download builds to use and those who can't be bothered at all. There is already a micro-economy here and you get a daily payback of xGold by logging in each day. Even if you are hiding your play from your mom/spouse/partner/etc. you can spare 10 seconds a day, at some time or other, to login and collect your 300 xGold. Hell, I was just away from my desktop system for a week while on vacation with just a tablet but, with TeamViewer, I was able to login every day for a few seconds to maintain my max income per day. So, with xGold, we already have differences in play between those who don't login every day (so get the minimum amount when they do), those who do login every day and get the max and those who purchase xGold separately. What is the difference between that and other games? Frankly, the only reason for there being any objection to purchasing additional content is, as in real life (and WoW and FFO apparently), jealousy.
  23. A pleasant afternoon with some "shocking" equipment from xXkyriaXx's collection...
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