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Things I would like to see in this game


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Now we all know this is a social sex oriented game, and we get allot of sex poses which is great but since this game is also social heavy, I would like to list a few things i would like to see eventually. The majority of people would most likely want sex sex sex and more sex and i'm ok with that but it would be nice to have some social inspired poses as well (eventually).


If you would like to participate in this topic there are two rules I would like you to follow.


1: This isn't about sex poses, so don't suggest anything sex related ><

2. No sex poses!!!


So, like I said, these features are some of the things I would like to see "eventually".


- I like to bring my friends into my apartment, I set it up to have multiple people over and it's fun to be able to talk together without having to congest the public chat channels with nonsense topics.

So, I would like to be able to have people sit on the couch, one on each pillow without having to cuddle or hold each other. Sectional couch parts would be awesome, so you could build your couch for example. I now have several couches next to each other to created the illusion of having a large couch.


- I would also like to see more people in the pool, you could remove the stairs and make it so that perhaps four or five people can lounge in the pool without cuddling or so, just a bunch of friends hanging out in the pool, add some umbrella drink etc.


- The ability to change the time of day would be amazing, set your apartments to night or day scheme <3


These are three of the many things I would like to see one day. Perhaps if this topic gains enough interest the devs could have a look though the ideas and see which ones they like to add.

Lastly I want to ask for one thing that might be super easy to add to the game, it might not even require any effort.


- I would like to have the "spin the bottle" rug for in my second (much larger) apartment :)


I invite everyone to add 2 or 3 social ideas they would like to see (eventually) and 1 thing they would like to have right now (has to be super easy to implement and can't require any additional effort)

Edited by Shanti
"What I would like to see" by Amari ; " Things i would like to see in this game " by Spikealot ; "Those little things..." by Wizard ; *Suggestion* Furniture and Animations Update" by Cheyenne ; "AFK indicator...why
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Actually you've already said things I wanted as well, like the day/night switch, being in pool without sex poses.


Other than that, it would be :

-sitting on the floor holding each other, or on one's lap

-holding one by the hand

-more customisation body/face, so that we all stop looking like everyone else :)


One thing I want now ? ... erhmm ... a pirate outfit lol

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Great ideas shanti!! New layouts would be great. Also new looks so we don't look alike, awesome lol.
I would like to beable to also new places to hang out would be nice. Maybe a park? Or something like that. New dance move. And body shape and face sliders. For facial features, hair length and things like that.

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Being in pool without sex poses, holding hands and other ideas are great.


I wish for stuff which would enhance my RP. Like an animation for sipping a beer, would be awesome. Maybe an interaction (like the cuddle and kiss cheek) for teasing would be awesome as well, something like pretending to kiss, but holding back hehe. The possibility of getting on doggy on the floor out of sex would help greatly the stripteasing as well.

Some interaction with partners like oiling the other's backs on the beach. :3


But do you know what would rock but would be kinda hard to patch? I was playing The Sims 3 once, and I noticed that there is a folder that you can put some music in, and the stereo in game indentify it and plays it. Like, if we could have a stereo on our homes that had that function would be AWESOME!

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All know and love the location - the beach ... and as we all know , everyone is trying to climb a mountain and run it enough , someone even tries to engage in sex there , but I walked away from the topic.
My thoughts are , why create a new location where we can add some fun to the existing (beach - a very large location) . It would not be bad if would have created a large observation deck in the mountains, perhaps it can be infinitely greater than the observation deck . To get there is possible to use a hinged bridge ( rope bridge ) . The original plan of the observation deck :


Maybe something like this, but with a glass floor in the center - dd9a68a3effc.jpg



1) Color - White
2) Transparent glass floor over the entire area observation deck
3) The big pool in the center of the observation deck (maybe even bubble bath )
4) placed around the pool - beach loungers ( for sitting position  and for lying ) for fans to work on their tan and ofc sex ( possible new positions )
5 ) Bar area combined with a dance floor
6) Would - binoculars along the perimeter
observation deck



It's only an idea, you can add to it or try to change something in this idea. If someone liked it, we would like to hear your design options ...

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I would like to see:


-Clothing layers: Be able to wear a coat over that shirt or dress in order to mix/match.

-Quicker paced couple dance: Dry grinding club dance, or maybe just a more flirty dance with some space between the two.

-Couple's walk: One player could invite the other to hold hands/walk hip to hip and continue to walk around while the other player could sit back and talk/relax.

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Great idea Caylix!! Clothes that you can layer would be nice. I would love to beable to have on a nice coat over some of my clothes.
And I think its about time they add in some new bathing suits/bikinis, not that often you see girls at the beach in thongs lol. And also some lingerie would be a big plus on those special nights ;)

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ah well where would I start.......................

having been here 12 months, I have seen massive growth in this game and it never seems enough. lots of suggestions have already been made here

bean bags in apartments
fireplace in apartment
hat stand in apartment
couches to sit more than one
a shower in apartment
a shower at all beach's
stools for siting on in apartment
a bar in apartment
a small kitchen in apartment
wall lights in apartment
music in apartment
pics to hang in apartment
small furniture
books in bookcase
home 2 to be remodeled to become cabin on boat, just the view need be changed
boat to have beanbags and furniture on first deck maybe a bar
island to have beanbags on beach
stools at bar on island
sin cub to become bdsm again and have a stage along the full length of the back wall. with stools along the edge of stage
the music in bdsm to be changed back to what it was before (quirky)
spot lights to come back
stools put in both back rooms
a drinking pose wine, beer and coffee
a generic bar person in all bars (we have seagulls lol)
TVs in all public areas ( mine has never worked)
the stage in the club to be full width
the back rooms in club to have orgy stile beds in a couple of rooms, where more than one couple can use them
to be able to have a moonlight swim and a cuddle in the water when we swim (we used to be able to do this)
bring back clear water ( great for voyeurs )
we used to be able to get into the mountains behind the beach and it was great fun, had lots of private places to tryst and it had loads of bugs and used to crash the game, still it was fun and I would love it to become available once more

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I don't ask too much, just a bunch of non-moving animations, like more sitting poses, more poses like sitting together in the beanbag, lie together, etc.


And the ability to pause the animation in sex-poses.


A big party-villa exterior with a big pool and garden would be nice too.

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I really think that more than anything else, this game needs more flexible chat functionality, including:


1. Group chat, where you can add people to share a chat tab

    (must include a list that shows everyone sharing the tab)

2. The ability to PM and invite from your Friend List

3. The ability to close any tab, including World and Local chat
    (Personally, I really don't want to see World chat when I am in my apartment, but I'm sure that there those who do.)

4. The ability to resize the chat window

5. The ability to save chat logs to text files
    (This really should be done automatically, but provide ability to turn off chat logs in the Settings window.)

6. The ability to set the font color for each tab as well as to use filters to specify a font color for specific attributes,

    such as "on friend list" or "player name."

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  • 2 months later...

For your room ( inadament objects )

1. posters

2. bar

3. barstools 

4. bike 

5. books/Magazines

For your room ( things that work/do something )

1. shades or curtains

2. exercise equipment

3. sex machines

4. Lava lamps

​5. working stereo 

Things you can carry with you and use

1.Camera ( and be able to save the shots and use them as posters in your room )

2. walking stick ( like a cane you already have a top hat lol )

And most of all to use WASD to move around at least on the dance floor so we can dance all around the room 

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1. Shower in Home (with sex ability two-tree poses)

2. Also need added few poses (1-2) at the pool, if it is better  "doggy behind" and "reverse sitting girl")

3. Few modern slyle caps and bandanas too.

4. Need  new poses on couch ( if it is better "Blow job on couch")

5. The bottle of wine on the Love Island's tables with drinking ability

6. I don't know can you do this, but if you can create the food in-game for more realistic its would be great


Hopes its not much more, have fun everybody!  ;)

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I think that the topics - "what kind of things you want to see in the game" - are not the first time, put yourself in the place developers, you write a bunch of diverse information. Still need to somehow organize all information or specified themes, for example:

1. Which sex positions you would like to see in the game
2. What additions would you like to add to your room
3. Which accessories you would like to add to the game (meaning clothes)




This is not a reproach, it is just a suggestion :)
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These are the top 10 things I would like to see.


1) Tattoos

2) Earings

3) shower in home/bathroom

4) kitchen stuff for home

5) body style slideres for face, hair, body type

(Kind of like sims 3 create a sim)

6) new interactions with people like holding hands and neck kissing. Or guy standing behind a girl with his arm wrapped around her.

7) new sex poses

8) new locations

9) normal clothes (not slurry ones)

10) Flat sneakers for girls!

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Please post here top 5 or top 10 most wanted things you would like to see.



Still need to somehow organize all information or specified themes, for example:



Good idea! We have opened 'Development & Suggestions' section n the forum to organize all information. Feel free to post your ideas!

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One thing I've noticed is that there's no option to give yourself to your partner, which I (and many others probably) want to be able to do for various reasons. As it is now, I can take someone privately back to my house to have some D/s time, but I still have to accept all of the requests after already agreeing to partner with them. This can break the flow of RP, or the mood in general. 


The animations are are hot and really nice additions to a Skype call, or other voice communications. I've had to break certain things I've been asked/told to do in order to accept a new animation. This breaks not only concentration (or lack thereof) during play, but also removes control from the Dom. This is frustrating when I'm at my PC, when I move to other locations it becomes quite annoying. We're stuck between "set it and forget it" animations, or having to stop/readjust play to change one. 


As the animations are now, neither partner has a choice for the "Cum on...," options. My partner or I could hit "cum on face" at any time and we're thrown into that position without having to accept, to get out of it we have to accept something else. What I'm looking for, and would truly enjoy having, is the ability to hit a button and let my partner have complete control over all position changes. When I'm submitting, I want to completely submit, and I trust that a partner I'd let have full control would know what limits there are (if any) and respect them. With the cum on feet option, even though it goes on legs, it's still something I am seriously not into and the fact that it can be done to me without my permission, yet allowing for other animations to require acceptance is confusing. If a partner is able to flip you out of a position any time and cum somewhere without permission, what's the harm in allowing players to give control to their partner so they could be taken at a different angle(animation) whenever their partner wishes? 


TL;DR - Let us give up control to a partner and not have to accept new poses/animations.

Edited by Shanti
"Give control - Master/slave - Dom/sub" by brun merged here
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