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  1. So glad to see this place has not changed one single iota
  2. Most of your Hot Girlfriend options will turn out to be a surprise when you check under the skirt Like good old JimmyJuice or whatever Kitty calls herhimself, or good old Lou with whatever heshe tags on the end etc. you might as well just ask for a boyfriend
  3. I've seen a lot of screenshots of 2.0 now and kudos to the developers however in every screenshot I see some text is crystal clear and some text is slightly blurry, there seems to be an implementation issue on the text or chosen fonts. I'm not going to re-sub just to check but that looks like quite the snafu from 1.0 to 2.0
  4. You think that's bad? I'm in South Africa and our exchange rate to the US$ is 14 to 1 because our president is an asshat and the government are more worried about Beemers than people I am pretty sure our countries flag is pictured right next to "Corruption" in the dictionary If it was like 10 bucks I'd go for it again. 15 bucks is pushing it. I have to save my pennies for all the damn games I buy Yes I'm looking at you Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and CoD Infinite Warfare Legendary Edition.
  5. It is now South Africa's summer. We had a cold front move over us in the middle of September but since then it's been 33 Degrees+ with no rain here in Johannesburg and about 2 to 4 degrees hotter in Pretoria. Cape Town his been mid to late 20s touching 30. Durban, that's just summer all year round. Fuck them lol. We are going through a bit of a dry spell here with the Vaal Dam which services most of Gauteng and the surrounding provinces sitting at 28% capacity. In the last few days it has started pouring with rain and epic thunderstorms abound as I live in the storm belt here in SA. Nothing
  6. Can safely say I never did any of the no no's. Mutual respect is vital in friendships as it is in relationships and yes even one night stands. And fuck sakes Rob huge no no lol!
  7. I hope this is an amazing event. I have a great passion for music so good luck to all and I hope it is a fantastic success.
  8. You are fully entitled to your opinion. However most people's opinions were formed after this rather scathing post and after people have seen this I do not think they are going to agree about this "wonderful" person that threatens, belittles and berates users... Link Good luck though....
  9. Hey maybe I can use my iPhone to reply because I can then also slot in all the ridiculous emoji's he is using but I absolutely refuse to butcher the English language like RMS is. My fuck I have see some crazy typing but the people in the forums who don't speak English as a primary language do a far better job than he does. I think I remember a few kids back in high school speaking like that and this was 16 years ago... perhaps the fad is coming back? All I know is brain cells commit suicide reading that garbage.
  10. Joined mid 2013, forums a week later. Unsubbed late last year. Still lurk the forums.
  11. The old adage is very much true in this sense. Once burnt, twice shy. Or fool me once, shame on me but fool me twice, shame on you! When it happens to you (Be it a woman turning out to be a man, or a man turning out to be a woman or whatever it eventually turns into) you are forever jaded and you close yourself off and become very untrusting and overly careful. There is no way it will stop, it can only be managed. That's all. New people getting hurt will be jaded and leave and the fakers will always be fake until caught. Oh well. I agree posts like this thread will help. Time will tell!
  12. Verification adds another layer of possible privacy concerns to an already extremely sensitive subject. A simple picture maybe? And then in comes photoshop. It is extremely easy to learn a few tricks in Photoshop and game says verification system. That leaves drivers licenses or ID Books/Passports/ID Cards and NOBODY wants to be on any database like that in a sex game. Ashley Maddison is a case in point as is the recent Yahoo! reveal. I highly highly doubt 3DX has anything remotely approaching adequate security and protection on their systems if chops already in the game can execute simple hac
  13. Yeah you should be fairly safe. 3DXChat uses a 3rd Party Payment Portal which is far more secure due to the disconnect. The only match they would have is tying the email addresses on the 3DX database to that of BMT Micros database. The only thing you really have to worry about is the stories I've heard of people logging your IP in game, or being able to figure out your 3DX ID and use that to determine if you have multiple avatars on your ID and I've also heard, and seen, that they can use that to see your profile and/or friends lists etc. not naming names but I've been shown the proof The
  14. Should possibly be a fun event. And kudos to the secret moderators censoring the posts
  15. Racism in any form is unacceptable. Living in South Africa I see it every single day. Nobody deserves to be targeted racially. However I also need to point out that punctuation is important. That was not an easy read by any means.
  16. Every game you turn to has it, it's just the population density that determines how much of it you see and how often you see it. I believe in the mantra of Woosah. Look the drama in the eye, rub your ears and chant Woosah and then beat the utter stuffing out of said drama failing which slap the ignore button with a bat. It's the reason I left too honestly. Half lack of content/transparency and half drama llama Best of luck !
  17. They still read it, they take note of it, but they don't reply. Most of their replies are limited to the 2.0 Threads. They are like that creepy uncle that stalks the neighbors :-/
  18. So much veiled conflict. Sigh. Open forums are open forums for a reason and it's in the right category... and unless moderators take issue with it, just leave it be. Haven't seen a single person make one thread for all their events, they are all sprawled over the forums. As you know I generally call them as I see them and don't take sides. There was no harm in this post nor was there harm in posting many events as singular threads. Seriously need to calm these forums down, so much animosity and deriding on these forums... just take it easy people. Unless Sugar is going out of her way to ca
  19. Something tells me Sugar Bunny lost the plot utterly, entirely and in no way had a clue as to Shanti's original post and immediately jumped onto the wrong bandwagon going in the completely wrong direction and went off on a massive tirade that has been seen through, called out and has put said Bunny on the defensive instead of just sticking a hand up and saying "Oh fuck, my bad, I was wrong". However lost you are Bunny in terms of understanding the original reason for the post, the post was intended to point people in the simple direction of thinking before posting due to: Post of Incest / Ch
  20. The lifestyle people choose, well... that is their choice and is not for us to judge, however as human nature goes people will judge anyway. They will judge either in secret or openly, and it's up to them how they choose to judge, and there is precious little you can do to stop judgement. Ignoring works both ways and if they choose to judge you, move on and leave them behind. Don't dwell on them. What I will say, and this is not judging you but more your tone and tense, is that your comments seem to ask for confrontation in the way you openly but vaguely insult people and basically ask for a
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