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  1. Welcome and hope you stay awhile. The graphics are about to get an upgrade soon-ish * fingers crossed * which will even look more amazing. Joining the forums as you did, is also a great way to meet people. Actually all of my oldest friends here I meet because of it. Good Luck and hope to see you on the dance floor
  2. Just want to thank all the beta testers and the dev team. Looking forward to the new version. I would join in but I know my skills are a bit dated. Thanks again
  3. As a forum stalker, I will miss your posts on "Funny pics with funny words or situations", you found some of my top favorite meme's. Keep that sense of humor and find peace. * warm smile *
  4. Tip 7 - Clean the area around the said "dick Pic". No one wants to see dirty socks or trash on the floor or a night-stand that hasn't been dusted since it moved in. I won't even go there about the sheets
  5. Social Experiment. The word Game does not fit and yeah going to geek out about it so This post is decided to Malkevas who enlightened me. ... although # 3 does have some points Discuss.
  6. I think over time this will improve the community. The next few weeks are going to be rough. Dealing with known trolls, jerks or what have you. But in a few months when some of the same group keeps re rolling will slow down and will make one more responsible for their online actions. In time
  7. Might want to take a look at Updates Archive. Its on the bottom right of the loading screen. One year back from todays date, pages 1 - 8. In my opinion, in the last year this game has done a 360 ( a turn around ) for the LGBT community. You may also notice within a few days of any new FM poses, other versions became available. We also received new topics - Straps on, Pegging, Shemale poses to male, group sex, rough sex to name a few. Did anyone even noticed the new pose has the starts for breast play okay got distracted there for a minute. Anyway.. As far as slow updates - well that's an old subject. We are gamers. * shrugs * We gobble up new content and ask for more, never happy and ever enough.
  8. Very Interesting. Will have to share this with friends that love to build things out of parts. Thanks for the heads up
  9. Hello and welcome EdwardK. In game etiquette is one of those evolving doors. Its the standard "Golden Rule" opinion. And I will give myself as an example. I am female, but in game - I play both sexes and enjoy both genders. On my male avatar (avi) I do state in my profile that I am female controlled. It brings more questions and judgments then friendship, and certain clicks ( or circles ) won't accept you. But for me, I rather be upfront from the start then allow someone who becomes romantically inclined or feelings of trust to be potentially hurt. But this is a world wide online social experiment, you will meet people of all sorts, who are also on their own stages of sexual journeys, even if its only virtual. Some are looking for game immersion and want nothing of real life to come into it, some are looking for that someone special to perhaps turn into a real relationship and some are exploring sexual fantasies and once naughty secrets to life. Or there like me who's just a sex pervert who had a hot time hitting and having my way with a real life bi male friend and shockingly enough, it deepened our real friendship My advice: Read profiles and be true to yourself. Good Luck.
  10. Playme


    Jedi or I guess I should say Rebel ? lol
  11. Fun find - something safe to send mom
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