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Website to see actual 3DXChat server status


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after massive problems today with frequently and long disconnection the servers status shows ALL GREEN now, the connection selftest shows ALL GREEN too and the result oft the power-shell selftest script shows ALL GREEN too.
Still I cannot see any rooms in the room list and no reaction in chat.
And still I get "connections refused" every minute.

Any advise?

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There is a issue at the moment with the gameservers, everyone who faces the issue with login in but not seeing room lists and being kicked out after a minute or so again and again may have a blocked IP address. 
The ICMP Messages are send from the gameserver and state that my connection is refused, this happens for example if your IP is blocked by a firewall. 

Who has the luck to be able to change their IP given by their ISP may resolve the issue, using a VPN may help as well.


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