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3DXChat 2.0 beta is out


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build 341


- water crash workaround (simple water option added)

- stop animation by pressin G


build 342


- Horizon Line has been fixed.

- Improvements to the night lighting on the Yacht.

- Wood added to the campfires.

- High quality lighting at Fresco Club.

- Photo tool hides Nameplates when interface is hidden.

- Photo tool no longer disappears after taking a screenshot.

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build 343




- Save the Time Of Day in user rooms;

- Temporal SMAA (Better anti-aliasing than FXAA);

- The Yacht has been widened and сhanges in the design of Yacht have been made;

- Yacht colliders have been re-made for more comfortable camera navigation. Now the Yachts wing has a collider too. 




- Water on AMD and INTEL GPUs now works correctly;

- Water specular for sun light;

- Water black outline and artifacting of characters;

- Lag of characters during the changed levels of detail;

- Lighting didn't affect the hair, bright artifacts on hair;

- Mouse scrolling speed for the resolution drop down list seemed off (slow);

- Sound reverb (echo);

- Beer price tag icon;

- PM opening on both sides of chat window;

- People weren't able to be seen naked;

- Clothes button after change location;

- Black santa claus hat texture;

- Love Island dock collisions;

- V-Sync toggle;

- Bracelets were not coloring;

- Transparent Eyes on shadows;

- Water waves clipping through to yacht floor;

- Headset when using DJ booth;

- Volleyball button;

- Running on rocks;

- Smoke particles;

- Sex sounds.

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build 344


- Stars and moon now appear at night;
- 6 new hairstyles with three-color palettes;
- Two-color palettes for glasses;
- New items and materials for Home Editor;
- VStroker support enabled;
- Save screenshots to My Documents folder (for Win 7 it's "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\3DXChat\Screenshots");
- New music radio interface.
- False chat message visual notification;
- User profile scrolling;
- First character creation;
- Colors for mens beard;
- Water during cloudy weather;
- Increased loading speed of User Rooms.
Known Bugs:
- Chat input field bug.
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build 345




- Offline messages with your friends

- Partner typing icon (In PM and Group chat) added

- Shadow quality settings

- Multiple light toggle (Disable it in the overdecorated rooms to increase FPS)


3DXChat 2.0 runs faster than 1.0 on low settings on older PCs due to new quality options




- Glasses take off

- Invisible Dress

- Colors for Collars and Necklaces

- Like/Dislike buttons on the login screen

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