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  1. So funny. This topic was opened because of your ingame behaviour. So you blame bugs? Aren't you the comedian?
  2. Great party! Spcial thanks to Jess and Atla for the music, Gamma for the nice pictures and Tom for saving the room! ) Thanks to all who joined and rocked the party. I was able to secure footage of Jess typing in the stream link all night long:
  3. Congratulations!!! The Garden of Eden being open for 2 years is truly impressive! I'm looking forward to a great party.
  4. A big "Thank You!" to everyone who dropped by and rocked the party yesterday. It was a blast! Special thanks to Gamma and Jess for providing the awesome tunes!
  5. That is one impressive room! Good job!!!
  6. Still looks all fancy and expensive Gamma.
  7. Only if I can dance to it like this:
  8. Would you look at all the expensive-looking designer furniture! Gamma must be filthy rich.
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